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Screening of the H69 and V70 deletions in the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein with a RT-PCR diagnosis assay reveals low prevalence in Lyon, France

“The H69 and V70 deletions in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein have been detected in mink and human infections. We found that these deletions resulted in a false negative result for the spike target of a commercial RT-PCR assay. […] A SARS-CoV-2 variant detected both in minks and humans in Denmark has raised concerns about mutations associated with potential reduced susceptibility to neutralizing antibodies. […] To address the risk of spreading, an easy-to use method enabling a fast large-scale screening is urgently needed.”

The Twitter stream of Dr Emma Hodcroft (@firefoxx66) broke the news of which variant was spreading in south east England; this thread of hers says a lot that I agree with:

MODS, I left that link raw; if it embeds content into this thread, I’m happy with that.

SA, I regard my attitude as cautious rather than alarmist. This is a very new virus; better to suppress it vigorously now than to discover nasty surprises after it’s too late for millions already infected. With vaccine development proceeding at record pace, and the end of coronavirus season in Spring, a bit of patience with unpleasant restrictions will save lives and could pay off enormously. Very frustrating that we have a bunch of cherry-picking semi-denialist politicians in Westminster who insist upon imposing neoliberal economic conditions that deprive people of choice about when and how to work.