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“You cited the story as evidence that claims of false-positive tests must be untrue because the hospital was full of Covid patients. The story certainly gave that strong but misleading impression so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were taken in by the story rather than deliberately collaborating in the deception.”

I did not cite this story as evidence that the claims that false tests must be untrue, this is silly and you know it, you have combined two different conversations and came up with your own manufactured conclusion. I have provided links to a scientist who explains why this canard that the PCR gives high false positive rates is a myth, above and if you care to have an intelligent discussion about that then please read that article and tell me why it is part of the grand conspiracy to deceive.
As to the story about the ambulances in the hospital car park, yes this is similar what we see in years of bad flu but as I mention this is actually due to Covid not the flu. Of course you will tell me that this reference is of course a manufactured deception.
Now I think that if you want to continue to converse, you need to rethink your startegy. If you feel that we are all here part of a deception or falling for a deception I will ask you as a start to tell me exactly what you mean by this. I will accept no you tube references or those from OffGuardian or any other such one sided websites. If you have scientific references then perhaps that would make a good start.

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