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ET, thanks.

Steph, I’m sorry if that phrase upset you.

ET, you wrote; “I understand that you are passionate about where you think science/logic should lead”, but a conspiracy theorist will interpret that as an admission of conspiracy between us, and now me pointing it out will just be interpreted as an attempt to cover up!

What I’m passionate about is that we start from the evidence, apply logic to it and accept whatever that leads to.

I’m suffering compassion fatigue, and I’m angry. I’m angry with the many governments that ignored the emergency until the last moment, thereby turning it into a crisis, and then exploited that crisis. Just a couple of days ago, some friends of mine attempted to hold a protest about new plans to drill for gas. They all wore masks, observed social distancing and did not enter the council offices where they demonstrated. Within five minutes police arrived and dispersed them with threats of arrest under the coronavirus act, while across the road people were crowded into stuffy cafés. That’s just a tiny personal example; the entire protest was less than a dozen people. The corruption of Westminster handing out mega-contracts for PPE and contact tracing software is very widely known.

And I have a more focussed anger at the likes of Yeadon with his “what they are not telling you” and “this is all basic textbook stuff” – very reminiscent of David Chandler. Yeadon now has modest fame; none of us would ever have heard of him had he not posted that stuff on Delingpole’s blog. Craig is a genuine whistleblower; he tried to stop UK collusion with the Uzbek government’s torture of Muslims by appealing through the official channels. He repeatedly complained to the FCO, and he gave evidence to a Select Committee, and so Jack Straw sacked him and stitched him up on false disciplinary charges; only after all that did some third party leak Craig’s story to the press. Has Yeadon even published on medrxiv? Either Yeadon is a fake whistleblower, or there’s a civilian conspiracy so vast that we may as well all kill ourselves, though more likely we’ll end up killing each other, if the virus doesn’t get us first. What a miserably depressing mess.