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These are quotes from your previous posts

“SA, I’m sure you don’t mean to but you’re guilty of sensationalist fearmongering.”
“The story certainly gave that strong but misleading impression so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were taken in by the story rather than deliberately collaborating in the deception.”
“You have responded with various misinterpretations of what I said and demanded that I respond to them. If I do answer any of those questions, it’ll be in my own time and in the context of a dialogue I have chosen to enter, and not to justify myself in a role you have created for me based on your preconceptions.”

You seem to latch on to one aspect which is that of the Antrim Ambulances post and quote that as an example of deception and now wish to limit discussions to only answer questions of your choice. Not really cherry picking, more like duck and dive.

The discussion was started in answer to what Steph was talking about, the reliability of the PCR test in diagnosis. Since this is the very starting point of how you determine whether the patients stuck in ambulances and treated in ambulances, unlike the ‘normal’ situation in some winters where a hospital may be full and ambulances may wait to transfer patients to A&E but treatment of patients does not start in such a manner and to such an extent in the ambulances. Your comment trivializes this and calls it sensationalism of ‘normal’ situation. OK let us take the scenario as it is and say that it is a very bad case of the usual winter pressures, much worse than normal and that all of this is due to some respiratory infection. Then we have to decide why there is a surge on this scale. Normally the announcement would be made that this is due to a rise in the seasonal ‘flu, or that there is a new strain resistant to the vaccine and so on. But on this occasion, whether you want to call it ‘normal’ or not the medical diagnosis is that of Covid-19. So what it seem to say (correct me if I misrepresent what you insinuate) is that this is all normal and we should not panic because this happens every year with the ‘flu. If this is correct then you imply that the hospitals either got the diagnosis wrong or that infections with SARS cov2 causing Covid-19 is a myth and the virus does not exist, or that Covid-19 is no worse than the ‘flu. So will you be kind enough to answer which of these you mean? This is important because we can then see the relevance as to where the PCR comes in.