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N_, the problem was inadequate caution; these vaccines were rushed to market. Time and time again we heard the prime minister and his closest aides telling us how the UK would be a “world leader”; “we” stood to make a lot of money from covid-19. Well now we’re a world leader in deadly filth.

1) GET THE INFECTIONS DOWN TO SMALL NUMBERS – Big Bad China actually did this. So did Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand and, eventually, Australia.

2) (you now have time for) Everything else.

Vaccines have to be targeted, so stop the bloody target from moving, ie. evolving, ie. diversifying.

This necessitates regrettable but TEMPORARY restrictions upon civil liberties. The government could have tied the end of restrictions to a specified reduction of infection prevalence, eg. “these restrictions will apply only until we have X or less infections and Y or less deaths per week – that’s our collective goal, population and government together”.

It also necessitates the government giving the population the MEANS to observe restrictions, ie. a guaranteed income.