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Yes, Ioannidis. That’s one epidemiologist. You quote him over and over and over again, so I assume he’s the only one saying what you want to hear; I’m sure if there were two you’d quote them both.

He’s come in for a lot of criticism from his field. I’m not surprised; a load of his work on this has been obviously sloppy, eg. the Stanford study that used a self-selected sample recruited from Facebook adverts and came up with a result around a fifth found by far more rigorous studies, or his paper at WHO that took diverse countries’ mortality statistics at face value* and didn’t bother checking them against the mortality-from-all-causes statistics.

* You lot are always dismissing the UK statistics as corrupted, but even though Ioannidis takes a host of different countries’ statistics at face value, you laud him to the heavens. But then you probably didn’t know because you didn’t bother to read his paper – probably too busy scouring conspiracy theory sites for the next morsel to promote your macabre fiction.