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Kim Sanders-Fisher

What a difference genuine Leadership makes in combating Covid. We jealousy look on at images of celebrations in New Zealand and Taiwan as they see in the New Year in style, with their people liberated from the worst restrictions of Pandemic containment due to the decisive and intelligent actions of good Governance. How different 2020 could have been and how many people would be alive to join our celebrations tonight without the shambolic rollercoaster of catastrophes inflicted on us by Boris Johnson and his toxic Tory cabal? It really didn’t have to be this way; we could have fared so much better with a progressive Socialist Government, under strong Leadership, putting people before profits. Health and wellbeing for ordinary people must be prioritized over renewing ghastly nuclear weapons and building a stronger military to fight a potential enemy that has not yet dared to even threaten let alone attack us! The most deadly enemy of the British people is poverty, hunger, homelessness, desperation and now disease.

The BBC News broadcast a stern warning from Professor Hugh Montgomery, an Intensive Care Doctor in London who was urging people not to congregate in festive New Year gatherings because of the threat to their already overwhelmed units from the rapidly increasing number of Covid 19 cases. He cautioned that we should not blame the disease for the rising infection rate as people were no longer adhering to the necessary precautions. However, the most glaring weakness in the system has been ignoring the threat that children mixing in schools pose to adults in multigenerational households. The lack of affordable housing, pitance pay in insecure jobs or on zero hours contracts have forced so many families to cram in together in living situations where any type of separation is impossible and the children act as vectors. All the data points to schools functioning as the breeding ground driving an increase in infections, but this Tory Government have arrogantly ignored the science while test and trace has totally failed.

There’s really nothing to celebrate at New Year in the UK beyond having survived 2020. There was no valiant fight-back from the progressive Left who meekly conceded, reinforcing the deception of an impossible ‘landslide victory’ that never actually happened in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. Johnson was never asked to explain or justify his miraculous win; it was bullied out of Labour MPs day after day until the fake news became the new vile reality. If only we had challenged that unfathomable result, demanded an Investigation and clear verification, the truth would have been exposed and the worst misery of this past year could have been averted. The Nightingales feathered a few wealthy donor nests; barely used they are now being dismantled. PPE contracts fueled a constant gravy train of cash for the Tory elite until ‘Tallyho Harding’ led the hunt for more lucrative spoils under the guise of test, trace and isolate, starting with an App that didn’t function and was ditched. Serial failure Dido is still bleeding the system dry.

The corrupt result of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election sealed our fate; an 80 seat Tory majority annihilated the precarious balance of our antiquated and dysfunctional democracy. The pathological liar who had broken the law to prorogue Parliament in order to force through his wretched Brexit crash-out was now in full command under the watchful eye of his psychopathic minder, Dominic Cummings. The ‘Herd Nerd’ didn’t care if a few old people died; Covid could be used to cull the elderly and reduce their burden on the state so we suffered a ‘Holocaust in Care!’ What else could possibly go wrong? Corbyn stepped down; Tories got their dream candidate Keir Starmer to concede all opposition. Their loyal Trojan horse began his Zionist inpired purge destroying Labour from the inside using their favorite weapon ‘fantisemitism.’ The Captain of Capitulation is destroying progressive Socialism at this crucial time as one last refuge of the British people the EU departs at midnight, and we usher in decades of Tory Sovereign Dictatorship.

In the London Economic Article entitled, “’Race-to-the-bottom’ – Jeremy Corbyn won’t vote for Brexit deal, full statement,” Joe Mellor quotes him saying, “I cannot vote for this deal, which this Government will use to drive down rights and protections, and step up the sell-off of our vital public services.” Mellor says, “Sir Keir Starmer has claimed MPs who oppose Boris Johnson’s ‘thin’ Brexit deal are hiding ‘in the knowledge that others will save you from the consequences’. The Labour leader issued a warning about the consequences of not supporting legislation to enact the post-transition period agreement between the UK and EU, as he faces a rebellion among his MPs. Sir Keir told the Commons that Labour would vote to implement the treaty to ‘put in place a floor’ from which the UK can build a ‘strong’ future relationship with the EU. But these orders are not universally supported among his MPs, with some expected to vote against the European Union (Future Relationship) Bill at second reading, and already there have been dissenting voices.”

Mellor reports that, “Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West) was the first Labour backbencher to signal during the debate their intention to rebel, explaining he will not be supporting the deal as it is ‘a failure’. He said: ‘This is a thin deal, it is a failure even on the Government’s own terms, in short it is a bad deal and I won’t be voting for it.’ Nadia Whittome has decided to abstain, yesterday she Tweeted: ‘Thank you to all constituents and members who have sent me your views on tomorrow’s Bill. Having read them carefully, I have decided to abstain. While I understand and respect colleagues who reach a different conclusion, I cannot vote for Johnson’s damaging deal.’ Diane Abbott said: ‘I have the greatest respect for the result of the 2016 referendum. But this shoddy deal falls short.’ Labour MP Diane Abbott gives her view on the Brexit trade deal.”

Mellor said, “Now Jeremy Corbyn has joined announced he will not back the deal.” He Tweeted: “I cannot vote for this deal, which this Government will use to drive down rights and protections, and step up the sell-off of our vital public services. We need instead to break with failed race-to-the-bottom policies and build a Britain that puts people before private profit.” Corbyn prepared well to deliver the input of a true statesman, real leader of the Labour Party and our rightful PM. Mellor included Corbyn’s full statement: “I cannot vote for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal today, which this Government will use to drive down rights and protections, and step up the sell-off of our vital public services. The Prime Minister appeared in parliament today to present a fait accompli to MPs with no opportunity to amend or scrutinise a major piece of legislation. Not for the first time has he treated democratic accountability with contempt and covered up the inadequacy of his agreement with the EU with bluster and obfuscation.”

“Whilst the public debate has been dominated by issues of fishing, and in the end there is a five-year extension on that matter, other matters however have received no scrutiny or debate, despite being crucial to the society we wish to be and the country we must build over the coming years. Of particular importance from a progressive perspective, is that far from protecting workers rights, and environmental standards, they apparently are dependent on whether or not they have any effect on ‘trade or investment’. Indeed, Johnson confirmed this morning there would be no keeping up with any future alignment with the EU. We know what the Conservative agenda on these rights mean – they have never missed an opportunity to further exploit workers and our environment, and they have sought to create an opportunity for themselves in what they have negotiated.”

“Additionally, there is no positive news for the 1.6m European nationals who live in Britain and have children or relationships as part of our local communities. What of their future? The government has failed them. There is no agreement on qualifications being transportable between the EU and the UK in the future. How will this impact on our education system, our research links and our public services? There is no answer. And this is a ‘thin deal’ which leaves open the potential of damaging tariff wars in the future over agricultural and manufactured goods. There has also been a claim that Johnson wanted to be free from the EU State aid rules, briefing that they were restrictive of Government intervention to support economic development.”

“My belief has always been that these are restrictive and would hamper a progressive Labour government trying to regenerate the most left behind parts of Britain, but this deal does not break free of state aid or public procurement restrictions, or of commitments to competition and privatisation of public services. They are baked into the deal. Just over a year ago, in the Sheffield TV debate during the General Election, Boris Johnson challenged my views on public spending, and on handling future relations with Europe by gaily telling the world that we couldn’t afford Labour’s spending plans and that he would “get Brexit done”. I gently pointed out to him that not only could we as a country afford the spending plans that we put forward, but as a country we could not afford to not apply them. One year on, the Coronavirus crisis has shown that when the will is there, the Government can spend more, and also why the public investment we argued for was, and is, so desperately needed.”

“Predictably, rather than focussing on getting the best possible Brexit done in terms of our economy and rights, and in a way which would allow scrutiny and democratic input, the shambolic Johnson Government wasted time with an attempted trade agreement with Trump and the United States, which would have put standards and jobs at risk in Britain, and damaged trade with the EU. The reality now facing us is that we have a Tory government that has shown throughout the crisis its real agenda of privatisation of our public services and redistribution of power and wealth to the already super rich. This Government worships a failed neo-liberal system which has created Covid billionaires, and the Tories consistent failure to put people and health first has led to thousands of needless deaths, and an NHS which is on the brink of being overwhelmed after being so so undervalued and underfunded by the Tories over the last decade.”

“This deal should not be supported because it does not give the protections claimed, and it does not secure trade or conditions for our future outside the European Union. It paves the way in the future for very disadvantaged trade deals with other countries, particularly the United States. It gives a Right-Wing Tory government a chance to cut privatised deals, and re-balance our economy in favour of the Tories and their allies. There is a better way. We need instead to break with the failed race-to-the-bottom policies of the past and build a Britain that puts people before private profit.” No doubt Boris Johnson will have been greatly relieved that his cheating in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election produced a fake ‘landslide victory’ that removed this genuine statesman from his place as Labour Leader. When the unfathomable result went unchallenged, still not Investigated to expose the Tory corruption he found a more compliant sparring partner with Trojan horse Keir Starmer leading Labour into self destruction.

While Corbyn stands out as a beacon of hope with his democratic agenda and strong leadership, the Tories under Boris Johnson remain determined to drag us into a deeper pit of desperation, misery and despair. The Skwawkbox have long been sounding the warning about the Covid infection rate in schools and this Tory Governments flawed policy for directing pupils to attend. In the latest Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Epidemiologist: ‘very narrow window’ to save UK, and world, from Tory ‘negligence’ still seen in failure to close schools,” sends a strong warning. It reports that, “Spread of virus and government stubbornness on schools set to put us all in peril and push up level of immunisation needed to 90% or more, An epidemiologist has accused the Tories of missing ‘a very narrow window’ to react to the threat of spiralling infection rates and contain the COVID-19 coronavirus – and in doing so, of putting not just the UK but the rest of the world in greatly increased danger.”

The Skwawkbox have featured the comments of Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, who “published her reasoning in a detailed Twitter thread;many of her posts are printed in the article. “Gurdasani points out that the current rate of spread means that even a national lockdown will struggle to contain the pandemic’s growth, and that the government will need to achieve almost universal immunity among the population to achieve any effective ‘herd immunity’ to push the infection rate below the level where it is still able to grow. Gurdasani is very clear that the failure to close schools, despite months of warnings from experts, has ‘directly’ put the UK in such a precarious position that even a national lockdown is unlikely to cause a downturn in infections unless schools are closed now.” They say that, “she warns that the Tories’ delays mean that even if the government closed all schools and locked down right now, the failure to hit vaccination targets means that the UK is almost out of options to get on top of the latest surge.”

According to the Skwawkbox, “Gurdasani points out that the ‘zero COVID’ success achieved by nations such as New Zealand was entirely possible for the UK and that the Tories’ continually slack response has fuelled the rise of the new mutations that are now said to pose such a threat, and that the Tories have known this was the consequence for ten months. So central is the role of schools and the Tories’ failure to react appropriately in the ongoing disaster, that Gurdasani stresses again that they are the key, before concluding by warning that just having a vaccine may not solve the problem even in the long term, making the Tories’ approach ‘deeply negligent.’ Tragically for this country, Boris Johnson and his cronies show little sign of heeding the warnings any more than they have for the past year, at a cost of tens of thousands of lives, and their fiddling around the edges by delaying the opening of some schools is unlikely to be cause for hope that they might finally get it.” Sadly this is not the only Tory catastrophe.

The Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Leading medic says BMA and Pfizer agree: Hancock’s decision to issue single vaccine doses will do little but destroy its effectiveness,” they say, “Prof Kailash Chand takes apart Matt Hancock’s new desperation-driven ‘plan’ that will destroy vaccine roll-out’s effectiveness. The Government’s joint committee on vaccination and immunisation (JCVI) today recommended a single dose of either vaccine should be given to as many vulnerable people as possible, rather than sticking to the original two-dose strategy. This in no way is a scientific decision, it is political expediency. Pfizer said in a statement: Data from the phase three study demonstrated that, although partial protection from the vaccine appears to begin as early as 12 days after the first dose, two doses of the vaccine are required to provide the maximum protection against the disease, a vaccine efficacy of 95 per cent. There are no data to demonstrate that protection after the first dose is sustained after 21 days’.”

The Skwawkbox report that, “Further, the trial data said that after a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine coverage was 52%. But six days after the second dose that rose to nearly 91%. Outrageous. What use is 52% to someone over 80 or 90 who is extremely vulnerable? Delaying the second shot to 12 weeks means they will have to continue to shield three months extra, until next jab, unacceptable at that age, particularly those beginning cognitive decline after already being in isolation for 10 months. By not allowing the 2nd Pfizer dose within the recommended time frame by the manufacturer is nothing less than clinical negligence. Pfizer has explicitly said there is no data to suggest the first dose is effective beyond three weeks. This is incredibly distressing for older people who thought they were going to be protected. Surely the researchers and scientists who designed and manufactured the vaccine are the ones should be listening to, rather than politicians.”

Dr. Katrina Farrell Tweeted: “Just received this email cancelling my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine. On the basis of UK government guidance yesterday. This means that the vaccine is not being delivered as licensed. I DID NOT consent to receive an off-label drug with NO evidence of benefit with a single dose.” This is the email; she received: “Heelth and Care staff who have received a first dose of the Covid 19 vaccine and were due to receive a second dose on or after 5 January 2021 will be contacted to reschedule these appointments. Please do not attend for your second appointment in January 2021 as you will be given a new date to attend within 12 weeks of your first appointment.” Although I am no legal eagle I would think this conduct might be illegal, due to the fact that it violates the terms of the consent form signed by the patient that I believe is legally binding. This deviously brilliant suggestion was first proposed by infamous war monger Tony Blair, a past master in Government sanctioned slaughter of the innocent.

Skwawkbox say, “The government has already begun cancelling second-dose vaccinations. The British Medical Association (BMA) General Practice Committee chair, Richard Vautrey, says, ‘The decision to ask GPs, at such short notice, to rebook patients for three months hence, will also cause huge logistical problems for almost all vaccination sites and practices. For example, to make contact with even just two thousand elderly or vulnerable patients will take a team of five staff at a practice about a week, and that’s simply untenable. I agree with the BMA, it is ‘grossly unfair’ to elderly patients to cancel their second dose appointments next week and is right in supporting doctors who will defy the NHS advice. I appeal to Health Secretary Matt Hancock to urgently reverse his instructions to vaccination hubs and to ask them to stick to the original protocol. The stakes are too high and it’s not the time to experiment or play politics with vaccines. Read the BMA’s response to the government’s decision to delay the follow-up dose of the Pfizer vaccine.”

It seems that this Tory Government will stop at nothing to maximize the kill rate in their nationwide ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple.’ They tenaciously cling to their disastrous, costly, private centralized test and trace system under the chaotic mismanagement of serial loser Dido ‘Tallyho’ Harding, despite repeated warnings about failure. They arrogantly refuse to change policy on schools to make the situation safer and reduce the spread of infection from children to adults in overcrowded multigenerational homes. Now just as the promise of several vaccines offers our people genuine hope in the New Year the Tories have decided to ignore the science once again with potential deadly consequences by sabotaging the urgent roll out of our vaccination program. These vaccines have been tested and approved for use in a specific regimen with proven clinical results. No medication or vaccine is guaranteed to work unless administered as directed, but we will see a worsening of this crisis until we get this ‘wing it’ Government out of office. DO NOT MOVE ON!