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There are always a range of interests behind government policy. I know some promote the Great Reset, and this crisis is clearly playing to that songbook, a mass transfer of wealth to the 1% under guise of keeping people safe. SA concedes he wants communist tyranny to solve the problem, and the western deep state are communists aka rule by the few in the name of the many.

However I think the many billions being given to the private medical profession is payoff to those providing a smokescreen/distraction from the heist and coup against democracy.

The reason is to suppress populism of left and right which is viewed as a peasants revolt against the ruling class, a revolt that may, the deep state fear, get round to asking “who controls the money”. Imperial deep state rules by pitching left against right, black against white and now uses gender politics for the same purpose and uses the virus to ban democracy aka the revolt.

However I think the main aim is to topple Trump, using the virus to steal the election, by illegally changing election rules, under guise of an emergency, with political meetings banned, despite a landslide win for Trump. But Trump’s fighting back, and so instead of the lockdowns/crisis ending with Trump conceding the election in November, a mutant virus is, by coincidence, being promoted to extend the ‘crisis’ beyond January with a rerun of virus-terrorism.