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There was a huge and almost entirely peaceful protest against election fraud with the deep state, like Clark, declaring black is white, and Trump lost.

On such a big event beware a false flag, and that’s what happened, with the protesters allowed in the building (with footage showing police allowing the protesters to enter the building unobstructed), to be spun by the fake news as “storming the capital” with almost no damage, except for a broken window and the alleged cold blooded murder of a Trump supporter, needed to cast the event as violent.

But as this was captured on film by independent media (and is highly suspect) they said others had died too, but without details or film footage, despite the abundance of cameras. And so a few incidents, hired help, was used to spin the event to herald the start of the deep state purge against the populist revolt against the ruling oligarchy. Incidents like people climbing walls with ropes when they could have walked up the stairs!

And the claim Trump incited the storming of the building is more fake news and simply perverse, as why would he want to give the deep state an excuse to stop vital proceedings debating election fraud? Fortunately because Trump’s speech ended late, congress proceedings had already begun so there was some good footage of the evidence, after Pence refused to allow the contested states to constitutionally determine their correct election results.

The purge was always going to happen once Trump ‘lost’, but seriously how do you occupy the capital when congress is sitting unless its allowed to happen, hence the low fences (moved by police to let people through and who they later waved through) and the stand down order from the mayor the day before. They wanted the protesters in the capital building to spin against Trump and to stop proceedings.

The problem is now the deep state has fully exposed itself and stolen an election, what future for democracy in US and everywhere else too? Clark do you think there will be UK elections in May (after being all cancelled for a year) and if not will you be defending the decision?