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The “blatant steal” as Deluded Dave mentions above is the new Big Lie of our time. Just tell a lie, make it really, really big, and keep repeating it. There were MILLIONS of votes stolen! The dead voted! Ballot boxes were stuffed! What – evidence? We don’t need no stinking evidence!

SA – I tend to agree with Clark, that these tin-foilers ought to be called out and their characteristics noted. They follow a fairly predictable trend, and rarely have only a single delusion – as Dave shows above. Climate change denial, anti-vaxxer, pandemic denial, and now “deep state” nonsense thrown in with election denial.

Come to think of it, we have a number of Big Lies going around. None require evidence, and all can be extended just a bit further if any of the points are challenged, to make the lie a little bit bigger, and the conspiracy even more all-encompassing.

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