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I know the Daily Mail operates click and bait, and carries the official narrative, but with a very large middle class readership they have to carry some honest news with guest columnists like Dr John Lee. I don’t know if the linked article is entirely true, but I don’t doubt there are millions of cancelled operations and appointments, with very long waits for elementary blood tests, and important letters held up for weeks under the new working from home arrangements.

Respiratory viruses are an act of God (unless a bio-weapon from a Bill gates funded lab in China) and there is nothing you can to stop it passing through the population throughout the world (and according to the linked discussion New Zealand had it before they locked down), but the best you can do is take elementary safety precautions and develop therapeutics aka traditional medicine.

I think its disingenuous, as usual, to the say the present Lockdowns aren’t working, because they’re not proper lockdowns, because it assumes shutting a garden gate can stop a wasp, it can’t because viruses are microscopic in size and can simply go wherever they please.

So a lockdown can’t save lives, but it can cost lives, and so I would say the mortality figures, above those due to die every year from one thing or another, are due to the lockdowns which has wrecked mental/health and economy and crippled the NHS. Also at the start the elderly were deliberately killed to boost the numbers needed for the contrived panic.

To be honest I think you are acting as a county lines drug pusher for the drug cartels/gangs, as the outcome will be a bankrupt NHS, ripe for privatisation, and subsequently sold to the drug cartels, who have fortuitously become extremely rich due to massive public funding, for vaccines, to save the NHS. I.e. Its a racket!