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@ SA

To be honest I read items and then rely on elementary common sense and the “Negative Fact”. The reason herd immunity works is because, if it didn’t, humanity would never have survived since the beginning of time.

Humanity and all creation has strong immune systems, just imagine you can lose a leg and it heals, its remarkable, and so the best medicine is finding ways to strengthen the immune system and that includes healthy eating, exercise and socialising in the sunshine.

Vitamin supplements help as does medicine that ease symptoms as the body heals, and therapeutics that directly heal an illness. All things being suppressed by the government to facilitate mass vaccination on behalf of themselves and their donors.

Albeit I think the virus is the smokescreen for a Banker heist and communist coup against democracy, and the experimental vaccines (not really vaccines, but called vaccines, to fool the public) are the drugs cartels pay-off for assisting a criminal enterprise.