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An entirely new virus could be deadly for many, but there are many coronavirus, normally associated with milder colds rather than flu, and we all have some immunity to it, because we’ve all had the cold, so a new mutation isn’t entirely new to the body.

We also have a very good health service, so have facilities, education and therapeutics to deal with illness, so again a new virus isn’t attacking a defenceless population. The government called it new as if this meant very dangerous, but all virus are new as they are mutating all the time.

After incessantly propagandising covid-19, they’re loath to drop the term now, as they’ve had to promote a mutation to keep the scam going, but resist calling it Covid-20, but you know its a scam when the government want to terrorise the entire population to get ‘vaccinated’ despite there only being a 0.07% mortality rate, of mostly the elderly.

A genuine concern for the old and vulnerable would be funding for adult social care rather that wasting billions on bankrolling a closed economy.