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Meanwhile the appointment of the former CEO of the criminal scammers called Talk Talk as head of the NHS ‘Track and Trace’ also ‘says it all’.

This despicable individual, namely Boris Johnson’s friend the Tory peer Dido Harding, is now in the news for the 1 million pounds of public money PER DAY she is handing over to “private consultants” to “help” with “NHS Track and Trace”.

(The figure of “£1000 per day” that is appearing in many media organs right now is damage limitation and supposedly refers to how much each “consultant” is paid. The figure of how much is paid to consultants as a whole by “NHS Track and Trace” each day is almost 1 MILLION pounds. As anybody who went to a cafe during the gap between the lockdowns will be aware, “Track and Trace” is a complete an utter effing joke. It’s also very lucrative for some. Who do these consultants think they are – C[r]apita?)

TalkTalk are a criminal outfit, pushing at the boundaries of the law (to put it politely) in a similar way to some water companies (pressurising customers into paying five months in advance), car park management companies at motorway service stations, and an airline company such as FlyBe (you can read about their favourite trick of telling passengers at final departure gates that they must have typed their own names wrong and therefore they won’t be let on the plane unless they cough up more money there and then – i.e. basically extortion) – not to mention payday loan sharks etc. etc. (And the list could go on: trying to trick whoever comes through the door into signing some kind of continuing agreement and then sending thugs to threaten them when they don’t pay, is par for the course in all sorts of areas of life in Britain nowadays, including companies selling Chinese “health” treatments and artworks.) Dido is one to watch. She has a background in horse-racing apparently. She’s the daughter of a hereditary peer whose own father was not only Governor of Cyprus but also an “adviser” to the British government in its war-criminal efforts against the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya. Got to admit I hope she ends up in prison where she belongs.

The Morning Star speculates that she’s one of Boris Johnson’s old flames. She did PPE at the same time as David Cameron at Oxford. She may well have been a “posh totty” hanger-on orbiting the all-male Bullingdon Club which counted among its members both Johnson and David Cameron. The Morning Star makes the interesting point that Boris Johnson referred to her as a “senior NHS executive” at a time when she had never worked for the NHS in her entire life. That sounds very much like something he’d say for a personal friend whom he was helping to grab state money, as he did with Jennifer Arcuri.

For scum such as Harding, “NHS” will only ever be a brand name that she and her disgusting ilk can line their pockets from. She is married to Tory MP John Penrose who is involved with “1828”, the “advisory board” or “think tank” (i.e. gang of corporate lobbyists) who advocate NHS privatisation and (whaddayaknow) also “donated” to Matt Hancock for several years.

It would be nice to get a list of those 900 “consultants” paid by “NHS Track and Trace”. Who do they really work for? Google maybe? An insurance firm like Aviva? If Google wants to run “the world’s information”, then there can be no doubt they will at some point muscle in to “health”.