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“Its easy to understand.” Ignorance is bliss

“There are always extremes, Glen-UK says take whatever’s officially on offer and others are adverse to any synthetic drugs, ” Your definition of extremes is a bit skewed. The views expressed by Glen-UK, ET, Clark and myself are what the majority believe in and what scientists and Doctors and many other professionals believe in through direct experience, through research and through overwhelming evidence. So the views about the virus and its consequences are not extreme, it is your view that it is harmless that is extreme.

” If we are looking at information just like others like processed foods and others won’t eat meat.” When we look for information, we do not change the information, we just act on it for what we think is for our best. But what you are doing is distorting the information in a way that suits you, but this distortion does not change the underlying FACTS that there is a new virus out there killing people. Distortion of facts is not the same as interpreting or acting on them.

“But the majority, in the absence of virus terrorism,” What exactly does this mean? Nothing. The virus exists and we have to deal with it. You can do nothing until you get struck by it and it will then be too late. You can also not observe precautions and give it to others and spread illness and death. And that is the virus terrorism.

“.. just apply proportionate commonsense and see no sense in suppressing healthy living and cheap therapeutics,”
Nobody is abandoning these simple measures in favour of other medication just for the sake of it. Medication that works continue to be used. If you take the attitude of just natural treatment of disease, you would not be using penicillin, blood pressure tablets and many other medications that have been proven to prolong life and prevent disease.

“… to facilitate the disproportionate ‘vaccination’ of entire populations, with experimental drugs, ” The majority of scientists who know and have done lots of research have reached the conclusion that the actions taken are necessary, but you Dave, and many like you with little scientific background (correct me if I am wrong) think you know better. Apart from such beliefs that are not backed by any evidence whatsoever, why do you think anyone should believe what you say, instead of believing all these experts?

“…in response to a respiratory virus with a mortality rate of less than 0.1%.” The mortality rate from the virus is not 0.1%. To discuss the mortality rate from an ongoing pandemic is meaningless. Focusing only on a nebulous figure of an overall mortality rate misses the fact that the virus causes severe illness in at least 20% of those who get it, and who require hospital treatment which becomes swamped quickly. To understand more about fatality rate, please read this.

” Simples!” over simplistic