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Dave, I haven’t raised objections (to the vaccines), I have noted reasons to be cautious. I posted a reply to your question as to why I thought vaccination was the only realistic way out of this short of just letting it rip. Those cautions remain, namely; It’s a new method of provoking an immune response that doesn’t have a track record, the vaccines were developed comparatively quickly and long term effects (if there are any) are not known and the trial data suggests they reduce your risk of developing symptomatic disease but reduction in transmissibility, conferring immunity or reducing serious disease have not been proven (yet). All of that should be on a consent form.
Nonetheless, given the enormity of the situation, on balance I think vaccines are the way forward. Lockdown measures could work if people were civic minded enough and would only be necessary for a short period of time but alas that is not the case. I give where I live as an example. The 2 initial cases on New Year’s Eve resulted n 52 Sars-Cov-2 cases identfied. With lockdown and people’s co-operation we have no new cases for 5 days now. If that continues to be the case our lockdown will be lifted and we’ll get back to normal. It can work if done correctly.
Dave, you continually point out the crude mortality rate in an effort to trivialise the numbers and the impact covid-19 is having in the UK and globally. Despite clearly explaining why that doesn’t describe the impact of Sars-Cov-2 (or indeed influenza virus) here and pointing out cold hard facts to you there is no comprehension demonstrated on your part. You have taken a position that you will not allow any argument no matter how cogent to shift you. I sincerely hope you never get into a position to influence health care provision.

There are respiratory viruses every year. There are Dave and the NHS endeavours to reduce their impact. Despite their efforts 2020 saw a 13% increase in deaths over the previous year and a similar increase over the 5 year average. That is an enormous increase, one which you totally discount and one which hasn’t happened since the last f***ing world war. At what point are you going to digest those figures?