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Strange to say Navalny is not qualified for a political leadership position because of his anti corruption foundation. Is Putin qualified when he was an actual spy? I don’t think Navalny knows how to spy – is this not a lie of the Putin regime?

Why do people not care about the arrest of Navalny when it seems to be politically motivated? I think it sounds like a great criticism of the Russian people to say they are only motivated by material considerations and don’t actually care about the rule of law and democratic institutions.

I just skimmed an article on Putin’s recent Davos speech but couldn’t see anything about the situation in Russia. I doubt he knows what to do in the country with regards to helping the population economically, or if he does know he is intent on pursuing other objectives.

Can you relate what Putin says needs to be done in the economy in Russia?

I think it is strange to view Putin as competent in managing the economy considering the huge crash in real earnings since 2014.

I think Navalny is a better bet for president, since he has not yet been proved to be totally corrupt and basically a gangster like Putin has.