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Semyon Slepakov, a bard, published a verse, describing actual incidents during the protests. I translate without rhyme and also omitting the obscene words:

Kind guardians of legitimate measures burned a man’s eye
because he was driving a car with FSB plates

Kind crowd pulled Putin’s henchman down from the pillar
and beat him with boots

Defending their liberal values
hit the traffic police guy in the face

They called the children to a cool rally –
Children, come chase the KGB away!

It will be fun! It will be class!
Maybe they’ll even make a mess of you! ..

They swore at unkind people,
Like “let’s rot them in a pit for the sake of Good”!

A lesson for you, we are not Leo Tolstoy!
Bitch, don’t you get in the way of Good!

It’s time to put Evil’s ass on the pitchfork!

Brothers, Good has the strength for this! …

It’s the way sweet Good fought Evil
Forgetting pity, hardening its insides.
Bravely, selflessly, and falling for it so much
That imperceptibly became more evil than Evil.

Navalny’s wife Yulia and Leonid Volkov commented on this in the same manner as Habbabkuk usually did, and the same as Ewan now does – intolerably, insulting and agressive.