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well, some Navalny’s supporters start telling reasonable things * that makes me really happy *

Mikhail Murygin, the head of Navalny’s organization in Saratov city:

“Guys, on the 31st Volkov is calling everyone to shake the regime ..
Promises to compensate for fines and submit to the ECHR.

Now reality. I consider it’s my duty to warn you.

  1. They DELIBERATELY did not even try to submit notifications either last weekend or this time. And this is the purest setup for you.
  2. The ECHR will never satisfy the appeal of these fines, since a legal formality has not been observed – namely, the filing of a Notice. The rally, de jure, from the point of view of both OUR law and THEIR in this case is illegal. And that means f*ck, not compensation (don’t believe me, check it out for yourself)

From the moment of “poisoning” they started to use you without hesitation … so for the first time I started writing the truth about them.
I’m explaining what’s happening: Tough economic wars.

North Stream-2. It was necessary to freeze the project at any cost.
Profit from it $55 billion per year. This is more than the entire military budget of Russia, $48 billion (Putin’s palace is $1 billion, by the way …)

The US has long wanted to sell its LPG to Europe. And if there is a pipe from Russia, all the more cheaper .. you understand. (+ this is not a feeble leverage)

You must understand, now they have such a task, to arrange fights with cops and riots. This will provide a nice picture for Europe. Not only do they kill with CHEMICAL WEAPONS OF MASS DAMAGE (I write this and laugh), but there is also chaos in the country! Palace! Aqua disco! A room for dirt! Frau Merkel, you can’t work with them!

Now ask yourself questions:

  • Where is Volkov himself, his wife and children? Several years in Europe!
  • Where is Navalny’s daughter? At Stanford
  • Where is Navalny’s son? In England
  • Where is Zhdanov? In Germany
  • Where is Pevchikh? In England

Where are you?
In general, all the main ones were evacuated and they call YOU from a safe place. F* very convenient!

Further. Who will then be here in Muhosransk* (russian idiom for provincial city, ‘Flyshithill’) in Saratov to deal with your defense?
Physically, it will not be realistic to provide protection to everyone, because after the story with the poisoning, the lines have been crossed and protocols will be stamped in batches. No more playing. Navalny will not be excused for this.

Further. ACF *Navalny’s organisation, Anti-Corruption Fund* is in chaos now. Someone’s detained for 24h, someone’s over the hill *abroad*, someone recognized the smell and doesn’t show up (like Milov, scribbles on Twitter, but doesn’t go to the rally)
They will simply have no time for you.

And the last thing. I have ALWAYS been for any protest. Always for rallies. Always FOR people expressing their opinions.
But now you are being stupidly used and shot like torpedoes.

And if even I – the person who worked as the headquarters chief; who organized all the largest rallies for Navalny in Saratov; who led his presidential campaign, observation and who knows what everything really is, not from the picture on YouTube (both good and bad) – I SAY this. Think about it.

When everything happens, they will forget about you. Quote: “We don’t need people now” (after the presidential campaign 2018)
Or betray you, like me. Like many other coordinators or employees (it’s just that many are silent, fearing of hatred).
My headquarters was always in the top 5 or 10. I was really in good standing. You all know me, I was in charge of the headquarters 24/7 (!) And they left me, their own coordinator (now I have MINUS 500,000 rubles in fines; part for rallies, part for investigation)

Imagine, you are doing an investigation at the headquarters in the field of public procurement, this investigation is checked and coordinated, including by the legal department.
When you get sued, they say ‘Goodbye, dude. We don’t know you. Well, try to appeal. We will not pay.’ They fire people for far-fetched reasons. Deception with the last month salary. Next .. Surrealism.

What then are you worth to them?