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Oh! My! God!
Who are those “designers” who do this to Mr. Helmer’s website? Oh my!
If they prefer combination of grey and red, well, I don’t mind, it maybe very style in most cases. But why, oh why are they so mercyless to the eyes of a casual visitor? Dark background and white sans serif font with minimal spacing! Crammed headlines that differ from the crammed body text only in that they are uppercase!

I recently visited BellaCaledonia website, guess it was some link in Mr. Murray’s Twitter, well, I can survive the general naivety in the design of the news, not quite in the style of minimalism and primitivism, but it has a right to exist. But Helmer’s site is simply meant to bring all sorts of eyes to cataracts!

That woman Pevchikh was in camera last week-end, I appreciate her effort to look feminine – boudoir style messy hair bun, 3/4 long sleeves, close fit dress … I even understand they maybe couldn’t find another place for the microphone, to save the drapery of the neckline …
But the general ruthlessness of this stylistic “delicacy”, the cold emerald tone of the dress and the cold saturated pink color of lipstick and nails, clearly intended for the Winter color type of appearance, suddenly is pulled over Maria Pevchikh!

Hey, don’t they teach some Arts and Crafts in British schools?

I only noticed it because the channel’s host mentioned, that Maria’s native city is Krasnodar. I was surprised! Margaret Simonyan is from my region, some of the Pussy Riot girls is also from here.

* sorry, just a Sunday evening off-topic * 🙂