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  1. Once you start using extensively “regime” I consider you propagandist not open to honest discussion.
  2. You say you would rather live in bad democracy than Russian sham democracy.
    a) do you mean you would rather live in UK than Russia or bad democracy is better than sham democracy.
    For me UK and USA are sham democracy.
    What is difference between bad democracy and sham democracy?
  3. You missed the chronology of events.
    Friends Allies and Partners imposed sanctions on Russia, based on dubious Skripal poisoning allegation.
    Russia, as common practice (“tit for tat”) did the same.As a Christian Putin should turn another cheek?

  4. When our Saudi Friends and Allies butchered a journalist (proven beyond doubt) it was short-lived news and no action taken.
  5. Corbyn was metaphorically killed! Russian sham parliament at least have 40 communist representatives.
  6. Did you watch, non-computer-generated image Putin castle documentary posted by Tatyana.

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