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Me – “Got any thoughts of your own?”

P&C – “That’s three. Any more conspiracy deniers around?”

Apparently not, then; Foyle’s article has said it all for PresentAndCorrect.
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There’s a major problem with Foyle’s proposal:

“All the sociopath need do to win in the game is lie publicly whilst conspiring privately.”

What? These sociopaths never turn on each other? They cooperate perfectly, for decades, never exposing each other’s secrets and deceptions? None of them ever use revelation to the public to bring another down? Or, the threat of exposure gets used in their struggle for dominance, but it’s resolved amicably, without exposure, every time?

That seems very weird. Having clawed their way ruthlessly to the very top, suddenly they start acting with complete trustworthiness towards each other.

Wouldn’t Foyle’s model of world events actually predict highly unstable narratives prone to sudden reversals, with a sporadic but ongoing turnover of exposed sociopathic former conspiracy members?