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Just sent contribution to legal defence fund via bank transfer, and again the whole browser crashed followed by the whole computer system. Many other bank transfers made during the year, and several others today; is it a coincidence that the only two crashes in 15 months are associated with two transfers to Craig’s account? Could some of the money be siphoned off, since no receipts are provided, or supporter contact details collected? I am not sure how this could be investigated, but it is only the enormity of the current injustice that has persuaded me to make another substantial contribution without any assurance that these matters are even being considered. I am aware that tampering with bank payments and harassing/warning supporters would both have sounded unlikely a few years ago, but surely recent experience should encourage us to consider such possibilities. May I please repeat the suggestion of (1) receipts, to reassure donors, and/or (2) asking donors to send proof of payment, so that Craig can check (or spotcheck) that all amounts sent have been received.