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Perhaps a soundtrack containing the words against “the Jews” was added to the video of the London “convoy”.

This is war. Don’t take anything at face value.

Audio and video together make a powerful medium.

The idea that is being presented in the media of middle class and bourgeois Jews in “North London” or “Finchley” cowering under their duvets – just as their great-great-greatgrandparents may have done in Russia when the Black Hundreds arrived on horseback – because a small number of unarmed men have driven along the road waving Palestinian flags from their cars is rubbish. It’s propaganda.

Incidentally the cars and jeeps driven by those who collect money in the area for “the State of Israel” often carry Israeli flags. And many young people who carry British passports go and do military service for the said terror state, happily swanning back to Britain afterwards without getting jailed for terrorist offences, let along having their British citizenship removed. Talk about fighting war on other people’s territory!

Which is rather the point. The Zionists consider that area of London to be “theirs”. It’s an open secret that it is protected by “community defence” units who pack as many guns as any other criminal gang in London, but who have much stronger intelligence support and better contacts in the “legitimate” British state than the Adams family elsewhere in London, the Noonan family in Manchester, the Hong Kong 14K Triads, the Yardies, etc. Those “defence units” aren’t the Shomrim. As far as I’m aware the uniformed Shomrim don’t even carry truncheons.

A media campaign in Britain saying “Jews are under attack” when forces of the Jewish state are massacring civilians in Gaza, the world’s largest concentration camp, is normal. But its scale this time may be bigger than normal…

The question is whether this means a bigger attack than usual is underway, or whether it’s just a function of the British prime minister having a stepmother in the family that controls Marks and Spencer.