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State school in Britain is mainly for keeping children off the streets. People don’t learn shee-yit there.

In British society, this week’s media and political buzzwords reign supreme. Nobody in the media will step out of line, any more than in Kazakhstan they would say that Nazarbayev was a big-time criminal. I doubt you would find a single British media article or statement by a British politician recognising that the whole point of vaccination is supposed to be the achievement of herd immunity. That’s even though the achievement of herd immunity is supposed to be the aim of EVERY campaign of mass vaccination.

There is certainly major-league obscurantism.

The official “scientific” “medical” position is that for example vaccination against smallpox created herd immunity against that virus and that it died out, not that it mutated.

The moment it’s recognised that the point of vaccination is herd immunity, the question arises as to what percentage of vaccine coverage would be required to achieve herd immunity. (Currently the answer is what – something like 60% maybe??) Or, to complicate it only a bit more, what percentages among given demographics. But even to start thinking like that would be to disrespect Big Brother!

The Five-Month Plan must be achieved!
It must be over-achieved!
There must be door-to-door testing in poor urban areas, especially among non-whites who are more likely to be vaccine refusers! Some of them even work in the Nazionale Health Shurvish too!
Anyone who admits having an aim of less than 100% vaccination is a saboteur!
The border might as well be laid wide open to carriers of the ‘Indian variant’!
We’re not racist – we’re only concerned with public hygiene and allowing the proles to go down the pub and get drunk, and to let them go to Ibiza!
What do you mean, there’s also a ‘British variant’ as well as an ‘Indian variant’? Are you a traitor, a conspiracy theorist, or both?

Nobody in the British media even calls the current coronavirus “SARS”.