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Caution is needed here. I have skimmed through this and it of course is interesting but of course very difficult to confirm all of these documents. The cause of the caution is this.
I am aware that one should not address the man but the ball. But Latham and Wilson are basically plant geneticists whose main field of interest has been on GMO crops and are active GMO activists, which is itself not a problem as long as this activism is based on science and facts. But this article here is baffling:

“Since sequencing the human genome, genetic researchers have searched intensively but unearthed little evidence to suggest that inherited genes cause common diseases. For such diseases, which include heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, and disorders such as autism, ADHD and dementia, as well as mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression, significant genetic causation can now be ruled out with a high degree of confidence.”

I am aware of some other proper scientific studies addressing some of the findings that may point out to a lab escape route and also of the argument that this is still a possibility but there has not been any actual proof, it remains a hypothesis. I am also aware that the zoonotic origin remains incompletely explained because no intermediate host has been identified. But it is really important to check sources. Many of the scientific references that Latham and Willis quote are in some cases not from proper peer reviewed publications, and until there is proper identification of the MSC and PhD theses they have translated are published, I remain skeptical.