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J, please try to read a bit more coherently rather than leaping into rhetorical combat; I asked questions. I don’t remember what your previous stance was and I don’t remember where it was posted, so I asked you to clarify. I don’t know where you’re trying to get with your two initial assertions (around which which you claimed to classify everyone into absolute good and absolute evil, but then mysteriously lost interest in), so I asked.

On the covid-related points you’ve actually made, you seem keen to leap to rhetoric rather than rational discussion, and are degenerating alarmingly towards anti-vaxx conspiracy theory; “if it is never recorded in the context of vaccines, then it actually never becomes data. Much as the MoD is still able to claim that less than five hundred thousand people were killed by the Iraq war through the simple expedient of not recording the 2.4 million deaths” – maybe I need to remind you that it was the Lancet that published the challenge to the military’s mortality figures in Iraq? You have some actual evidence that the vaccines are far more dangerous than covid itself, do you? That tens of thousands of ordinary medical and local authority staff, people who live down your own street, are taking a break from their normal, chosen duties of care and community service, and instead covering up mass murder on behalf of Bill Gates or someone?

Come on Mr Conspiracy Theorist; stop thrashing around and tell us where you hope to get via your rhetoric.