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Thanks Clark, those points are reassuring.

I ended up on a wild goose chase recently trying to find more information on where the Russiagate story ends up and found this article by Duncan Campbell, which is quite difficult to digest because the narrative it offers is bizarre. Campbell ends up on a chase after Guccifer 2.0 and the origin of the (dis-)information around him. He also flew Binney over to examine the evidence of the Wikileaks cache documents with him, but after the article was published they still seemed to disagree (see the updates in that article).

If Binney has since gone off the rails do you know if there has ever been a robust rebuttal to Campbell from others in VIPS or anyone else arguing the DNC leak side? Or has anyone investigated it since?

Murray has almost always been robust with his references but I’d still much rather know someone else, other than Binney, is still looking at this or is able to refute Campbell’s observations.