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Ginger Ninja

Planned in advance?

Whenever there’s a trade deal a virus turns up that disrupts the local food system, without fail. Blair BSE and so on. AIDS. Ebola. SARS. Then the virus clears up when needed too, after a good deal of profit has been made of course, by the same people that always seem to benefit. The best viruses are the ones that have to be controlled, via medication, for life (like with hormone therapies).

Whenever the Yanks come to town a train derails or a cathedral burns a database gets hacked.

Or maybe it’s all just a big coincidence, like when Saddam had WMDs and the Afghans were hiding Bin Laden (who got younger and older during the time he was putting out videos) at the same time some Saudi’s (we know this because the passports survived the inferno) allegedly flew into the towers (but not building 7) causing an invasion of Syria. Maybe there’s no need to be suspicious I mean, after all, it seems pretty legit based on the timelines involved, based on the historically noted integrity of all involved.