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    Due to probably malicious spamming – impeccably dealt with by the mods, but impossibly time-consuming for them – comments on An Apology /Blair Miles have now been ended. I’d be grateful to get some feedback on whether the CM community would like to see it continue in some other form on the CM blog, or…not! Please feel as free as usual to register your opinions, if any, here.

    The final entry before the rug was pulled contained a factual error. On Wednesday 6th, Blair will be displaying his masterly command of waffling on a topic of which he is completely ignorant, at 10.30 on the Centre Stage (surprise!) of the Web Summit Lisbon (Altice Arena & Fil, Lisbon). Pious title: “None left behind:making tech work for the many.” Probably unmentioned: the notion that video conferencing has long made planet-spanning luxury flights between networking events completely unnecessary…

    With thanks to our reader-

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    Firstly, a link to the end of the Blair Miles thread.

    Secondly, standard warning to all commenters on forum threads – please don’t post naked URLs – because the forum software will embed content from the target, eventually causing the page to become too big to load. Use HTML ‘a’ tags instead, as above.

    Thirdly, (and Mods!), the forums are not free from spam problems either; just today I see that two spam topics have been opened.

    Suggestion (and Mods!) – if Komodo were given a moderator’s login, he could clear the spam himself. That way he could continue on the Apology / Blair Miles thread, maintaining consistency, and maintaining the permanent sidebar link (forum links get displaced by newer ones). That would also help train Akismet to recognise this spam for all Akismet-protected sites.
    – – – – – – –

    Komodo, I only rarely read your Blair Miles diary, but I regard it as an excellent resource for anyone investigating the Blairs’ ongoing accumulation of wealth and influence. Thank you for your dedication, and I hope you keep up the good work.

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    Opps! I have now seen your earlier comment.

    Komodo, if you’re fed up with it then stop; you’ve done so much already. Respect for your dedication.

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    Thanks for your very kind comments, Clark. I’m really seeing if there is actually any demand for this. If not I’ll knock it on the head completely. If there is I’ll consider all options – mods have made some suggestions already. I’ve seen no evidence that my material is reaching beyond CM, incidentally. Useful resource it may be, but the questions it might answer aren’t being asked in the real world, and I don’t have the contacts or expertise to get them asked. Blair undoubtedly has substantial protection – not merely in the taxpayer-funded physical sense – and it might be more sensible to recognise that the system which spawned him is invincibly corrupt.

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    Thanks for raising those points, Clark.

    The discussion forum plug-in as currently deployed is OK as an occasional bulletin board but it isn’t fit for purpose as a community forum. At present the spam filter traps a large amount of replies (131 today so far), but for some bizarre reason it fails to trap the same type of spam messages when they’re posted as new topics. Continual checking and weeding is required but a slow and buggy control panel means this duty has to take low priority. Major improvements are under consideration, and your input is very welcome. Expect an email with more technical details soon.

    We should be able to edit any pages currently bogged down with embedded media links: just let us know what needs attention.

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    STOP PRESS (and then I’ll stop) Blair is also having a meeting with Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EC, apparently at midnight tonight (CET) in Brussels. Looks like the grand plan to ditch Brexit is still unfolding.

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    Mods!, thanks for the reply and info. If you can, please post viewing figures for the blair Miles / An Apology thread, for Komodo’s benefit.

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    Malicious spamming does seem quite likely, since the mods did not say there was spam on the other two open threads, Disappearing Aircraft and Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued.

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    Further to which there seems to be something of an uptick in streaming football ad posts right now….

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    Komodo, how about posting a summary of your findings? Maybe the Mods would append it to the end of the Blair Miles / An Apology thread. And it would be worth you taking your time about it I think; there’s a lot of material to cover.

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    “…the system which spawned him is invincibly corrupt”

    Thorough agreement from me about that.

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