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    “You can’t hide from Delta”

    China will crush Delta. They have already done so at least once.

    There is no way that the Chinese government will tolerate the economic damage that most governments have permitted. Want to bet with me? The curves are here:

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    michael norton


    “Let’s see how Sputnik V works in real life: Putin reveals he had close contact with Covid-19 infected person for a whole day”

    In August 2020, Sputnik V became the world’s first registered Covid-19 vaccine. Since then, it has been authorized in 70 different countries.

    I think there had been some talk of people who had the Oxford for their first jab being offered Sputnik as their second?

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    The Sputnik vaccine is under “rolling review” by the European Medicines Agency along with 4 others which doesn’t include the Valneva vaccine. The last update from EMA regarding Sputnik vaccine was March 2021 where they stated it was under rolling review. Apparently Russia’s Gamaleya National Centre of Epidemiology and Microbiology who developed it are not accustomed to dealing with the requirements of such a regulatory agency. Or perhaps the EMA is dragging its feet, who knows?

    Regarding Valneva Javid said this in parliament: “There are commercial reasons that we have cancelled the contract, but what I can [say] is that it was also clear to us that the vaccine in question that the company was developing would not get approval by the MHRA here in the UK……..”

    “I think there had been some talk of people who had the Oxford for their first jab being offered Sputnik as their second?”

    I think this may have happened in Argentina due to shortage of the Astrazeneca vaccine for second doses but it’s not approved in the UK for use. The Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires province published a Lancet article:

    “Sputnik Light has shown efficacy of 82.1 to 87.6% against hospitalisations. The component of Sputnik V has shown 78.6 to 83.7% efficacy among elderly people aged between 60 to 79 years.”

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    michael norton

    ET, the Vaccine chap who has done a good job has just been promoted.

    I wonder if he was the main person responsible for thwarting the French vaccine?
    I knew he was an Iraqi, I have just read he is a Kurd.
    I wonder if we will have a new Vaccine Tsar?

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    michael norton

    Just heard this on R4 this morning.
    Donald Trump drug to be given to very ill covid victims in the U.K.

    Ronapreve, will become available for coronavirus parents across Britain next week, the UK government has said. The drug was used to treat then-US President Donald Trump, who hailed it as a “cure” for Covid-19.
    The drug, jointly developed by Roche and Regeneron, will be initially used among those with a weak antibody response to the virus, British health authorities said Friday.

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    Not sure Roche would be happy with it being referred to as “The Donald Trump” drug.
    Here is a BMJ Article Ronapreve for prophylaxis and treatment of covid-19 and should you be interested the Summary of Product Characteristics from UK.Gov. The more treatment options that are available and are effective the better for everyone.
    There are a number of other monoclonal antibody treatments in the works from other pharma companies.

    “ET, the Vaccine chap who has done a good job has just been promoted.”

    I saw that, he did a good job.

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    michael norton

    My next door neighbour has just told me that one of her three girls has just tested positive for covid, obviously picked up in the first week of return to school. My neighbour has informed the school. The school has said the covid positive child, a twin must stay at home but the other two can come to school.Even the other twin, who shares a bunk bed.

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    michael norton

    Just heard the top General Practitioner speaking on R4 he said just because people have a right to ask for face to face does not mean that G.P.’s will make it happen. He said there is far too much covid about.
    They can’t have people spreading covid to their staff.

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    “He said there is far too much covid about.”

    I sympathise with the medical staff. Obviously they want to avoid becoming another infection route, and like firefighters, it’s a danger they constantly face – they are the ones who see the people who don’t get better, or who spend weeks and months fully recovering. And to rub salt in the wound they’ve had considerable abuse from some of the deniers, especially on social media.

    The UK is averaging over 140 deaths per day. It should start falling soon but it’s been over 100 for more than a month.

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    Pigeon English

    Clark ET and MN

    I have favour to ask!

    Few days ago I made comment that was misunderstood but what I was trying to say in sarcastic way was that (I can not find the title anymore) Economics and all other issues by ET was not broad enough. My intention was to limit Michael, to stay on that post instead starting many more others which take me time to switch between just to read same 3 people commenting. Right now I want to read again something posted on Economics etc.
    Sorry but since we are so few commenting I would like it to be at the same place.
    In theory would be nice to be segregated and people joining different subjects.

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    Pigeon English, I got that your comment was sarcastic but I understood no more than that, so I didn’t reply.

    Yes, it is inconvenient hopping about between threads, especially because the index of the discussion threads doesn’t update the latest comment links properly. But there’s a rule, enforced by the moderators, that comments should be on-topic, so it’s covid on this thread, the new AUKUS military cooperation and nuclear subs on the “New World Shifting to the Indo-Pacific new nuclear powered submarines” thread, and climate change, nuclear power and other energy sources on the “Climate, the science, politics, economics and anything else” thread.

    However, if you look at the sidebar on the right, under “Recent Forum Replies”, the three latest comments are listed there, and those links work properly.

    I think it’s probably best to keep to the rules because they help the moderators to maintain some order. There are only the three of us at present, but some commenters, especially conspiracy theorists, seem to love derailing threads.

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    michael norton

    What I would like to be able to understand is the difference between say Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, France and the U.K. Poland has very little covid.
    Italy has had a high proportion of deaths.
    Germany seems to be doing quite well.
    Now the U.K. is top of the pile for most deaths and most (counted) infections.
    Yet, France always has twice as many in I.C.U.
    that is the bit I can not understand?

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    “Yet, France always has twice as many in I.C.U.”

    I tried to answer that MN is a previous post. I think it’s because they report ICU admissions which would include both mechanically ventilated patients and those who need close observation and oxygen support but not ventilation. The UK figures given on the Gov site are for mechanically ventilated patients only. In UK the patients who require close monitoring and oxygen might be in a high dependency unit setting or sapecialised medical covid ward not ICU. I don’t know this for sure but it’s what I suspect is part of it. Also, in French hospital ICUs both ICU and CCU patients share the same space and the same nurses care for both. In the UK CCU is a separate ward with separate nurses. You’d have thought they would separate out those admitted for covid reasons though. I just don’t think the figures are comparing apples with apples in this particular instance. The numbers of deaths are comparable in both France and UK and it doesn’t make sense that the French have much higher covid ventilated patients.

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    @Pigeon English

    To be clear, I started that thread “Climate, the science, politics, economics and anything else” to be about climate stuff. The “anything else” was meant to be anything else related to climate change/global warming that Science, politics, economics didn’t cover not simply any other topic. I apologise for the sloppy wording. Many of the replies to CM’s posts had off topic comments related to climate change etc so my intention was to make a home for those kinds of comments (I was under no delusions that it would work). I had hoped more would post but I’m not sure many read these posts in the discussion forums, which is a shame.

    As Clark said, I just keep an eye on the “recent forum replies” on the right of the web page. I think it’s best to try to keep different threads on topic otherwise they become too diverse to follow. You could bookmark the link to the expanded discussion forum where you can see which threads have the latest replies.

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    I stitched together an image of graphs over time comparing France and UK cases, deaths, ICU admissions and hospital admissions using those from It’s not the best image as I had to squash things a bit to get it to fit in one web page for ease of comparison. A french ICU doc/nurse might be able to explain things to us if we had one.
    I think not all those French ICU admissions are ventilated and that perhaps patients cared for in non ICU settings in UK might be cared for in ICU in a French setting. I’m not suggesting any difference in quality of care just that things are organised differently in different health care systems.

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    michael norton

    The U.K. is having startlingly massive numbers of covid positive cases.
    Many of them are children, recently returned to school.
    So, how come this happens in the U.K. but not in Poland, Germany, Italy, France or Spain?

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    “So, how come this happens in the U.K. but not in Poland, Germany, Italy, France or Spain?”

    Maybe you can tell us what you think about that MN? You ask many questions but rarely reply to any answers given.

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    michael norton

    Germany has done 836,725 tests / million.
    U.K. has done 4,331,536 tests / million.
    So, the U.K. has so far conducted more than five times the rate of Germany.
    So, either over testing by U.K. or under testing by Germany.

    Chris Whitty has claimed every child will catch covid, unless they are vaccinated, then they still might catch it. The U.K. claims 7,565,864 cases of confirmed covid, Germany claims 4,185,633 cases of confirmed covid. Germany has a much bigger population than does the U.K.
    So, either they will have more Delta cases in the coming weeks or they are ignoring covid, in those people who do not show symptoms, or people are more reluctant to get tested for covid in Germany?

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    Michael, I think you’ve identified one of the major reasons for the sort of discrepancies between the figures for various countries that you pointed out earlier.

    “So, either over testing by U.K. or under testing by Germany.”

    What do you think the correct level of testing is? Tell me what you think, then I’ll tell you what I think. I suppose a closely related question is, what is the purpose of testing?

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