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    Tom Muirhead


    I am the CEO of the Fair Trial Project and would like to point out some reasons as to why Craig Murray did not get a fair hearing in front of an independent and impartial tribunal.

    1. His advocate Roddy Dunlop QC, failed to disclose his links to Lady Dorrian (the trial judge). See: https://fairtrialproject.org/complaint-against-roddy-dunlop-qc/

    If anyone is interested in discussing this and wants more information then please reply here…


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    John Cunningham

    Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you…Good luck for tomorrow, Craig, though the consequence of your unlawful scribblings is unlikely to be a period of martyrdom. And your lucrative blog subscriptions will cover the rest. Not undermining your expensively-procured counsel, it may help if you retract in particular your fatuous claim you tried very hard not to identify Salmond’s accusers. Being sane her ladyship will realise that not doing something requires no effort.

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    John Cunningham, that is spiteful, kicking someone when they’re down, of course they’re all out to get him. Do you honestly believe that posting spiteful comments on the back of someone else’s blog is the best you can manage? I know it’s the spirit of the age, but simply behaving like a thug is not the way forward; it’s not big and it’s not clever! Can you try to understand what a worthless and sadistic person you currently present yourself to be? Why bother? Are you being paid to write this stuff?

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    Get a grip, @Tom. That the defence advocate is the Dean of the Faculty of Advocates and the trial judge herself is an advocate doesn’t show “fraud”, an undeclared conflict of interest, or malpractice.

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