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    michael norton

    One of my relatives recently paid for her own emergency cancer operation because she claimed the Scottish NHS had virtually collapsed. That was about two years ago, so before the current pandemic.

    Sarah Crofts, head of analytical outputs for the Covid-19 infection survey, said:

    “Scotland now has the highest rates across the U.K. where infections have continued to increase sharply, reaching a new highest recorded level.”

    Nicola Sturgeon faced calls to admit emergency medical services are “spiralling into a major crisis” in Scotland after “shocking and unacceptable” ambulance waiting times.
    May be get off your arse and sort the NHS out Nicola?

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    michael norton

    Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has previously warned the NHS was facing a “perfect storm” of pressure.
    The Army should be drafted in and “pop-up wards” erected at Accident and Emergency departments where patients are waiting hours to be admitted.

    The head of the union that represents Scottish ambulance staff also said “major incident” procedures should be initiated to increases resources.

    I think it is very bad in all parts of the U.K.
    Quite close to unsustainable.

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    michael norton

    Scotland’s health secretary has been warned he could put lives at risk after urging people to “think twice” before calling an ambulance.

    Humza Yousaf said people should only call for an ambulance when it is “absolutely critical”.

    He is misguiding people. Health services in the U.K. have been getting worse and worse and worse.
    Next we be asked not to ring a doctor because they are so fucking busy.
    Others, like the now disgraced Matt, kept telling that the Health Service is there to be used, just ring your doctor, it is not just for covid.
    They want to make their minds up.
    Are we supposed to use the Health Services or not?

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    Pigeon English

    Great: new post and Clark replying

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    michael norton

    It is going to happen.
    Ms. Nicola Sturgeon told MSPs she was going back to her office to finalise a request for military assistance!
    How would she do that once she has claimed Independence?

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    “How would she do that once she has claimed Independence?”

    Why would the SNP claim independence? They’re doing quite nicely as things are, thank you. If they claimed independence they’d have shot their bolt, and Scottish voters would start voting for all sorts of different parties.

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    “It is going to happen.”

    Calling in the military makes a leader look strong.

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    The sheer incompetence of the handling of covid has been staggering, and the Scottish government’s has been only marginally less bad than Westminster’s. If you’re going to have lockdowns (which you inevitably will, when the hospitals start overloading), at least start them quickly enough that they actually work.

    Oh no. First, they agonise about the infection numbers. Then they schedule a debate for the following week. When the debate is held they decide on a date – another week for infection to spread. You’d never guess it was the fastest-spreading infection anyone has ever seen.

    So now the NHS is shredded.

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    michael norton

    Now, over 81% of U.K. adults have been double vaccinated. 89% of people aged 16 and over in the U.K. have now had their first dose. So, what are the reasons the ten percent do not get jabbed?
    It is quite unlikely that opportunity is still a good reason. Lake of understanding doesn’t seem that likely, unless the majority of these are of very low intelligence? Could not speaking or reading English be one of the reasons? I suppose fear could be one of the reasons? Religious twaddle?

    So what level of double jabbed, would we need to see off covid, would 95% double jabbed be enough?

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    It seems to me that the current vaccines can’t stop covid. They reduce severity of illness a lot, but they don’t stop infection or transmission. They can’t do or we wouldn’t be seeing such high positive test numbers.

    “Lack of understanding doesn’t seem that likely…”

    There are quite a lot of anti-vaxxers and denialists. I read today that in the US, 50% of Republicans in some states outright refuse to get vaccinated.

    “Could not speaking or reading English be one of the reasons?”

    More likely illegal immigrant status. Craig posted about this a while back. Due to Theresa May’s “hostile environment” policy they’d need to identify themselves to get NHS registration. Remember that “health tourism” was a major Brexit selling point.

    Not speaking English isn’t a likely reason because there will be news about vaccinations in the country they’re from or descended from.

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    It’s the bloody media’s fault, treating scientific facts as something that anyone can pick and choose, and all opinions have to be “respected”; I cite thirty years of climate change “controversy” as an example. Read Bad Science by Ben Goldacre for scores of examples. That, and Google, YouTube, Facebook etc. encouraging sensationalism and conspiracy theory as click-bait, to make money from advertising. James Delingpole, the Telegraph’s resident climate change denier, promoted Mike Yeadon’s covid denial via his own website – which gets massive readership because Delingpole writes for the Telegraph.

    Murderous self-satisfied tossers.

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    michael norton

    Other than some parts of the Former Yugoslavia, Scotland has the highest rates of covid in Europe?

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