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    June Kelly

    Dear Craig,
    I am a member of the Free Julian Assange group in Ireland. I have been invited by the Editor of the Lalkar (www.lalkar.org) magazine in the UK to prepare an article re Julian’s extradition case. As I was not in London for the Hearing I have used your vital daily reports and those of the JADC and Global Research for information.
    The article is dead lined for later today/tomorrow. So therefore I do need to send to Lalkar by tomorrow if possible.
    I have written also to Team Assange to ask their advice as to whether the item I have compiled can be published in Lalkar as is or in any other publication without prejudicing the case or causing any problem at all for yourself or the JADC. Could you kindly advise.
    Thank you so much for your invaluable daily reports.
    yours sincerely,
    June Kelly, 22 Prospect Court, Dublin Road, Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. Mobile: 00353 861963134.

    Julian Assange Extradition Hearing – Daily Reports

    “A lie is always pardonable. But he who tells the truth without compulsion merits no leniency” – Karl Kraus from his “Half Truths and one and a Half Truths”.

    Which leads us to The Trial of Julian Assange. Comparable to Franz Kafka’s great dystopian novel “The Trial”. To quote the opening sentence:
    “Someone must have been telling lies about Joseph K, for without having done anything wrong he was arrested one fine morning.”

    The links herein will provide readers with full details of the Hearings in London of the case of Julian Assange. Beginning 25 February 2020 to 15th October 2020. With much gratitude we acknowledge the following contributors:

    Guide to Testimony in Julian Assange’s Extradition Hearings 2020:
    Witnesses Testimonies: https://assangedefense.org/live-blog-entry/guide-to-testimony-in-julian-assanges-extradition-hearing/ Daily Reports by the JADC: https://assangedefense.org/live-blog-entry/guide-to-testimony-in-julian-assanges-extradition-hearing/ – Don’t Extradite Assange: https://dontextraditeassange.com/mp/, Ruptly TV: https://www.ruptly.tv/en/landing/Assange and the World Socialist Web Site: http://www.wsws.org and Global Research http://www.globalresearch.ca
    Craig Murray (www.craigmurray.org.uk) for his invaluable reports from the Court. Craig Murray is an author, broadcaster and human rights activist, former diplomat and former Rector, University of Dundee. “Your Man in the Public Gallery-Assange Hearings” – They are listed individually for easier access –
    February /March 2020
    Day One By Craig Murray Global Research, February 25, 2020 https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-hearing-day-1/5704688
    Day 2 By Craig Murray Global Research, February 26, 2020 https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-hearing-day-2/5704841 Day 3 By Craig Murray – Global Research, February 28, 2020 By Craig Murray 27 February 2020 :https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-hearing-day-3/5704939 Day Four
    By Craig Murray Global Research, March 01, 2020 Craig Murray 28 February 2020
    September/October 2020

    Day 1: Assange’s Extradition Hearing Resumes: 7 September 2020 September 7, 2020
    Assange has been re-arrested, the previous extradition warrant has been withdrawn and the new warrant has been served.
    NGOs access to Assange hearing revoked
    Judge Vanessa Baraitser then announced that some 40 individuals were granted remove (video) access to the proceedings by mistake, and their access has been revoked. Courage has learned that those whose access was rescinded include representatives from Amnesty International and PEN Norway. https://dontextraditeassange.com/post/assanges-extradition-hearing-resumes-7-september-2020/
    Day 2: Clive Stafford-Smith – the importance of WikiLeaks material in their litigation; Mark Feldstein – historical context for WikiLeaks’ journalism
    Assange’s Extradition Hearing Resumes: 8 September 2020
    Yesterday, the judge rejected the defense’s request to proceed without the new allegations in the U.S.’s extremely late superseding indictment, then rejected the defense’s request for more time to prepare to deal with these new allegations. Professor Mark Feldstein began his testimony on investigative journalism. Likely to testify today are journalists Patrick Cockburn and Nicolas Hager, and Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg.

    Day 2: Clive Stafford-Smith – the importance of WikiLeaks material in their litigation; Mark Feldstein – historical context for WikiLeaks’ journalism

    Day 3: Paul Rogers – politically motivated prosecution; Trevor Timm – protecting your sources
    SEPTEMBER 9, 2020
    Professor Paul Rogers on Trump’s politically motivated prosecution
    Paul Rogers, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University, took the stand by video link to testify about Julian Assange’s political views and how they factor into the Trump administration’s prosecution of Assange for publishing.
    Rogers reviewed Assange’s speeches, including an anti-war speech in 2011 in London and a speech to the UN following the release of Iraq and Afghan war logs, as well as Mairead Maguire’s nomination of Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019. https://dontextraditeassange.com/post/day-3-september-9-2020-assangecase/
    Day 4: Paused due to COVID19-like symptoms of member of the prosecution SEPTEMBER 10, 2020
    Julian Assange’s extradition hearing was abruptly paused today when the court was notified that a member of the prosecution had come down with COVID19-like symptoms. As Kevin Gosztola notes, the scare came amid a new spike in the United Kingdom.
    Because members of the defense and Assange himself are at heightened risk, the defense asked the judge to pause the hearings as we await the prosecutor’s test results. Those results ultimately came back negative, so we are scheduled to resume proceedings on Monday , September 14 2020. https://dontextraditeassange.com/post/day-4-september-10-2020-assangecase/
    Day 5: Assange on Trial: Supermax Prisons and Special Administrative Measures by BINOY KAMPMARK SEPTEMBER 16, 2020
    Having had a coronavirus scare towards the end of last week, necessitating a brief suspension of proceedings for September 11, the extradition proceedings for Julian Assange resumed with Eric Lewis. The chairman of the board of Reprieve, who has cut his teeth on representing Afghan detainees in US custody and those in Guantánamo, has not been shy in arguing against the extradition of Assange to the United States. In 2019, he warned in The Independent that one did not have to swoon over Assange’s politics or embrace his personality “to understand that if he is extradited to the United States, not only does he face a de facto life sentence, but every journalist who receives and publishes classified information faces such jeopardy as well.” https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/09/16/assange-on-trial-supermax-prisons-and-special-administrative-measures/ and https://dontextraditeassange.com/post/day-5-september-14-2020-assangecase/
    Day 6 By Craig Murray
    Global Research, September 08, 2020
    I went to the Old Bailey today expecting to be awed by the majesty of the law, and left revolted by the sordid administration of injustice.
    There is a romance which attaches to the Old Bailey. The name of course means fortified enclosure and it occupies a millennia old footprint on the edge of London’s ancient city wall. It is the site of the medieval Newgate Prison, and formal trials have taken place at the Old Bailey for at least 500 years, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. For the majority of that time, those convicted even of minor offences of theft were taken out and executed in the alleyway outside. It is believed that hundreds, perhaps thousands, lie buried under the pavements. https://www.globalresearch.ca/your-man-in-the-public-gallery-the-assange-hearing-day-6/5723275
    Day 7: (1)
    By Craig Murray Global Research, September 09, 2020 Craig Murray
    This morning we went straight in to the evidence of Clive Stafford Smith, a dual national British/American lawyer licensed to practice in the UK. He had founded Reprieve in 1999 originally to oppose the death penalty, but after 2001 it had branched out into torture, illicit detention and extraordinary rendition cases in relation to the “war on terror”.
    Day 7: (2) 16.9.2020
    Journalist John Goetz “very rigorous redaction process”. American journalist John Goetz, who has worked in Germany for the last 30 years, testified today about his experience as a media partner on WikiLeaks’ releases in 2010. Working for Der Spiegel, Goetz had already been reporting on Iraq and Afghanistan when he joined the partnership to report the Afghan War Diaries, the Iraq War Logs, and the State Department cables.
    WikiLeaks’ harm-minimization withheld 15,000 documents. https://assangedefense.org/live-blog-entry/day-7-september-16-2020-assangecase/?link_id=1&can_id=acc8fdd5f7ee6441d3d8d31cedb7da8b&source=email-pentagon-papers-whistleblower-gives-powerful-defense-of-assange&email_referrer=email_924614&email_subject=pentagon-papers-whistleblower-gives-powerful-defense-of-assange
    Day 8: September 10, 2020 by Craig Murray
    The great question after yesterday’s hearing was whether prosecution counsel James Lewis QC would continue to charge at defence witnesses like a deranged berserker (spoiler – he would), and more importantly, why? … https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/09/your-man-in-the-public-gallery-assange-hearing-day-8/
    Day 9: September 15, 2020 by Craig Murray
    Things became not merely dramatic in the Assange courtroom today, but spiteful and nasty. There were two real issues, the evidence and the procedure. …. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/09/your-man-in-the-public-gallery-assange-hearing-day-9/
    Day 10: (1) September 16,2020 by Craig Murray The gloves were off on Tuesday as the US Government explicitly argued that all journalists are liable to prosecution under the Espionage Act (1917) for publishing classified information, citing the Rosen case For full report: https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/09/your-man-in-the-public-gallery-assange-hearing-day-10/ ALSO : By Craig Murray Global Research, September 17, 2020 Craig Murray 16 September 2020 … https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-hearing-day-10/5724179
    DAY 10: (2) SEPTEMBER 21. 2020
    Christian Grothoff: WikiLeaks did not publish unredacted cables. First witness this week was German computer science professor Christian Grothoff, who testified about his research into the timeline of events surrounding the 2011 publication of the unredacted State Department cables. Three of the 18 counts against Assange charge him specifically for publishing the unredacted cables, and Grothoff’s testimony establishes that WikiLeaks was not the first outlet to publish that archive, that others published it first and have not been prosecuted for doing so, and that WikiLeaks took care to encrypt the file but actions outside of Assange’s control led to its release. For full report: https://assangedefense.org/live-blog-entry/day-10-september-21-2020-assangecase/Day
    Day 11: At the Old Bailey: Suicide, Hallucinations and Psychological Torture. September 22. Central Criminal Court, London.
    By Dr. Binoy Kampmark Global Research, September 23, 2020
    Today, the prosecutors in the Julian Assange case did their show trial predecessors from other legal traditions proud. https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-eleventh-day-old-bailey-suicide-hallucinations-psychological-torture/5724618
    Day 12: (1) By Craig Murray Global Research, September 18, 2020
    A less dramatic day, but marked by a brazen and persistent display of this US Government’s insistence that it has the right to prosecute any journalist and publication, anywhere in the world, for publication of US classified information. This explicitly underlay the entire line of questioning in the afternoon session. …. https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-hearing-day-12/5724251
    Day 12: (2) September 23, 2020 Today Dr. Quinton Deeley, National Health Service psychiatrist who specializes in autism, ADHD, & other mental health issues, took the stand to discuss Julian Assange’s diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). https://assangedefense.org/live-blog-entry/day-12-september-23-2020-assangecase/?link_id=0&can_id=acc8fdd5f7ee6441d3d8d31cedb7da8b&source=email-medical-experts-testify-on-assanges-health-and-risk-to-his-life&email_referrer=email_933220&email_subject=medical-experts-testify-on-assanges-health-and-risk-to-his-life
    Day 13: By Craig Murray – September 21, 2020 Friday gave us the most emotionally charged moments yet at the Assange hearing, showed that strange and sharp twists in the story are still arriving at the Old Bailey, and brought into sharp focus some questions about the handling and validity of evidence, which I will address in comment. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55609.htm
    Day 14 By Craig Murray Global Research, September 23, 2020
    Monday was a frustrating day as the Assange Hearing drifted deep into a fantasy land where nobody knows or is allowed to say that people were tortured in Guantanamo Bay and under extraordinary rendition. … https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-hearing-day-14/5724632
    Day 15: By Craig Murray Global Research, September 24, 2020
    When Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers, the US Government burgled the office of his psychiatrist to look for medical evidence to discredit him. Julian Assange has been obliged to submit himself, while in a mentally and physically weakened state and in conditions of the harshest incarceration, to examination by psychiatrists appointed by the US government. He has found the experience intrusive and traumatising. It is a burglary of the mind. https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-hearing-day-15/5724748
    Day 16 By Craig Murray Global Research, September 25, 2020
    On Wednesday the trap sprang shut, as Judge Baraitser insisted the witnesses must finish next week, and that no time would be permitted for preparation of closing arguments, which must be heard the immediate following Monday. This brought the closest the defence have come to a protest, with the defence pointing out they have still not addressed the new superseding indictment, and that the judge refused their request for an adjournment before witness hearings started, to give them time to do so. https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-hearing-day-16/5724861
    Day 17 (Part 1): 30.9.2020 Witnesses: UC Global spied on Assange’s conversations with lawyers UC Global director David Morales
    The defense read several witness statements aloud in court today, including two statements from anonymous former employees of UC Global, the Spanish security company led by David Morales which spied on Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The witness statements testify to the particular zeal Morales had in recording conversations between Assange and his lawyers as well as his contract with an American company to report the recordings back to American intelligence officials. https://dontextraditeassange.com/post/day-17-witnesses-uc-global-spied-on-assanges-conversations-with-lawyers-patrick-cockburn-ian-cobain-guy-goodwin-gill-stefania-maurizi-robert-boyle/
    Day 17: (2) By Craig Murray September 25, 2020
    During the hearing of medical evidence the last three days, the British government has been caught twice directly telling important lies about events in Belmarsh prison, each lie proven by documentary evidence. The common factor has been the medical records kept by Dr Daly, head of the jail’s medical services. There has also been, to put it at its very lightest, one apparent misrepresentation by Dr Daly. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/09/your-man-in-the-public-gallery-assange-hearing-day-17/
    Day 18 By Craig Murray September 28, 2020
    ________________________________________It is hard to believe, but Judge Baraitser on Friday ruled that there will be no closing speeches in the Assange extradition hearing. She accepted the proposal initially put forward by counsel for the US government, that closing arguments should simply be submitted in writing and without an oral hearing. This was accepted by the defence, as they need time to address the new superseding indictment in the closing arguments, and Baraitser was not willing for oral argument to take place later than 8 October. By agreeing to written arguments only, the defence gained a further three weeks to put together the closing of their case. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/09/your-man-in-the-public-gallery-assange-hearing-day-18/
    Day 19: By Craig Murray Global Research, September 29, 2020
    Today was the worst day for the defence since the start of the trial, as their expert witnesses failed to cope with the sheer aggression of cross-examination by the US Government and found themselves backing away from maintaining propositions they knew to be true. It was uncomfortable viewing…….
    Day 20: By Craig Murray Global Research, September 30, 2020
    Tuesday the testimony focused on the extreme inhumane conditions in which Julian Assange would be kept imprisoned in the USA if extradited. https://www.globalresearch.ca/assange-hearing-day-20/5725287
    Day 21: By Craig Murray 1 October 2020
    Stunning evidence, of extreme quality and interest, was banged out in precis by the lawyers as unnoticed as bags of frozen chips coming off a production line.
    Where Is My Final Assange Report? October 9, 2020
    A question posed to me by many people keen to receive an account of the final day’s Hearing. May I explain myself -https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/10/where-is-my-final-assange-report/
    Who is behind the judge who is trying Julian Assange?
    Manlio Dinucci
    Emma Arbuthnot is the chief judge who conducted the trial for the extradition of Julian Assange in London to the USA, where a 175 year prison sentence awaits him for “espionage,” that is, for having published evidence of US war crimes, including videos of civilians’ killings in Iraq and Afghanistan, as an investigative journalist. At the trial, assigned to Judge Vanessa Baraitser, every defense request was denied.
    In 2018, after Sweden’s sexual assault charges fell through, Judge Arbuthnot refused to cancel the arrest warrant, so that Assange could not obtain asylum in Ecuador. Arbuthnot rejected the United Nations Working Group’s findings on the arbitrary detention of Assange. The UN Officer’s remarks against torture also went unheard: “Assange is detained in extreme conditions of unjustified isolation, and shows the typical symptoms of prolonged exposure to psychological torture.” … https://www.globalresearch.ca/who-behind-judge-trying-julian-assange/5724227
    Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012: 18.9.2020 Despite being spied on and having their privacy invaded by the UC Global firm that targeted Assange, reporters from major US news outlets have said nothing in protest. Meanwhile, new evidence of that firm’s CIA links has emerged. https://thegrayzone.com/2020/09/18/mainstream-us-reporters-silent-spied-cia-contractor-assange/
    UK: Assange extradition hearing a key test for justice
    7.9.2020 The US authorities must drop all charges against Julian Assange relating to his publishing activities, and the UK must reject the related US extradition request, Amnesty International said today as Assange’s extradition hearing resumes at the Old Bailey in central London. https://www.amnesty.org.uk/press-releases/uk-assange-extradition-hearing-key-test-justice?utm_source=google&utm_medium=grant&utm_campaign=AWA_GOV_INTJ_assange-extradition&utm_content=julian%20assange%20extradition
    UK: Assange’s refusal to accept deal saw toughening of US administration’s stance – Hrafnsson United Kingdom, London PoliticsJulian Assange September 18, 2020• Published WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson explained that Julian Assange’s refusal to accept a pardon in exchange for the sources of the hacking of the Democratic National Committee emails prompted the US administration to harden its stance on the Wikileaks co-founder For video: https://www.ruptly.tv/en/videos/20200918-046-UK–Assange-s-refusal-to-accept-deal-saw-toughening-of-US-administration-s-stance—Hrafnsson
    UK Assange indictment meant to ‘to cover crimes against humanity and war crimes’ – John Shipton Assange’s father UK London Society Julian Assange September 17, 2020.• Published After another day of hearings in the extradition trial of Julian Assange in London. “For video: https://www.ruptly.tv/en/videos/20200917-057
    Judge retires to consider whether to allow Julian Assange to be sent to the US to stand trial
    •Oct 15, 2020 For video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d54gleZsZu0 And: https://youtu.be/LNskcUR-L3s
    Julian Assange Defence Skeleton Arguments
    Parts 1 and 2: https://dontextraditeassange.com/press-release/julian-assange-defence-skeleton-arguments/
    Germany: ‘Anything to say?’ in Cologne as Assange wins Karls Prize for Committed Journalism Germany, Cologne Society Julian Assange October 16, 2020
    Julian Assange’s father John Shipton collected the “Cologne Karls Prize for Engaged Literature and Journalism” granted to his son Julian by the NRhZ-Online media in front of Cologne Cathedral on Friday. https://www.ruptly.tv/en/videos/20201016-045
    161 former heads of state, prime ministers, and ministers demand Assange’s freedom London: September 21 2020
    A remarkable international letter from 161 heads of state and former heads of state, and a raft of politicians and lawyers, has been released in support of Julian Assange. The letter argues that Julian Assange should not be prosecuted for his political opinions or his actions as a journalist and publisher. https://dontextraditeassange.com/press-release/161-former-heads-of-state-prime-ministers-and-ministers-demand-assanges-freedom/

    Judge Vanessa Baraitser who is presiding over Julian Assange’s extradition hearings has acknowledged the political nature of Assange’s hearings and has decided to not rule until at least after the U.S. Presidential election on November 3rd.
    Written closing statement by the defense is due on October 30th, and a written closing statement by the prosecution is due on November 13th. https://assangedefense.org/events/ and http://www.assangedefense.org

    Decision on Assange’s extradition set for next year
    Thomas Scripps, Laura Tiernan 26 September 2020

    The Trial of Julian Assange -Roger Waters, John Pilger, & Ray McGovern
    Oct 15, 2020

    Guest Panel: Roger Waters – Cofounder of Pink Floyd, Songwriter & Musician, Activist John Pilger – Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker Ray McGovern – Ex-CIA Presidential Briefer, Writer, Activist Recently, U.S. prosecutors indicted WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange on seventeen espionage charges stemming from the disclosure of atrocities committed by the U.S. armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. With global consequences directly affecting the freedom of the press, Assange stands to be extradited from the UK to trial in the U.S. under the Espionage Act. In this event, author and activist, Miko Peled, speaks with three prominent activists who have persistently advocated for Assange’s release and freedom. Miko and the panel will tackle the following topics: Julian Assange and WikiLeaks’ contributions to journalism The campaign to prosecute Assange. Assange’s eviction from the embassy and his corresponding treatment by the British authorities The likelihood of Assange’s extradition to the U.S. to face espionage charges. The lack of journalistic support and solidarity for Assange. For video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNskcUR-L3s&feature=youtu.be and http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55729.htm
    What I’ve told you won’t be reported on the BBC” | Craig Murray on Assange extradition Sep 16, 2020 RT UK
    “It’s impossible to sit through every day of the hearing and believe this is a fair and impartial process – because it isn’t.” Former diplomat Craig Murray discusses Assange’s extradition hearing and new allegations alleging Julian had endangered U.S. military personnel. View interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ljo_6RjGtF4 and http://youtube.com/RTUKnews
    TOTAL BLACK OUT/ CENSORSHIP OF HEARING BY GLOBAL PRESS. Mentioned barely by the main stream media outlets.. Alternatively Press TV http://www.presstv.com and http://www.rt.com gave coverage to the Hearing. A Hearing involving sadism in the treatment of Julian Assange. Stripped searched before he is brought to the Court in a sealed van. In hand cuffs Julian is again strip searched at the Court. He is then escorted to the sound proof glass box at the back of the Court. It was several days in to the Hearing before he was allowed sound in to the glass box. Until then he had heard nothing of the
    proceedings. Access to Julian’s legal team denied him for 6 months
    prior to the Hearing’s resumption in September 2020. Julian was in solitary
    confinement in Belmarsh Prison in London until fellow prisoners
    demanded he be taken from solitary enclosure. Mission accomplished. (ED).
    WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organisation and associated library. It was founded by its publisher Julian Assange in 2006. WikiLeaks specialises in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption. It has so far published more than 10 million documents and associated analyses. wikileaks.org https://wardiaries.wikileaks.org/ https://dontextraditeassange.com/

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