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    “Le Cercle (formerly the Pinay Group[1], Pinay Circle[2] or Cercle Pinay[3]) is a deep state milieu of a comparable age to the Bilderberg, but smaller, spookier and much more secretive. It was entirely European for 15 years, but since 1968 it has annually in both Washington DC and Europe. Leaked documents[4] indicate that their activities include political subversion and the arrangement arms deals and fraud. David Teacher wrote that the group “can be seen to be an international coalition of right-wing intelligence veterans, propaganda assets and top politicians who would shape the 1970s and 1980s.”…..

    I would be interested to hear Craig’s or other members’ take on this group.

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    I was looking for Syria in 2015 and bumped into this instead.

    From what I read Le Cercle, created in the 1950s, was intended originally as an informal meeting grounds for Western European elites to facilitate policy-making, exchange and planning on intern. level, by conservatives and worse, with strong ties to the Vatican and Spain under Franco, since one of the founding figures, Frenchman Jean Violet, had worked as a legal advisor to Rome at the UN and as negotiator for EU-Latin America. Violet was known to be one of the best connected unofficial diplomats in Europe.

    Violet started as French attorney, maitre, and in the 1950s would be recruited for French Secret Service SEDECE by frm French military attaché in Ottawa, Col. Jacques-Henri Herve de Lavillois.

    He then tried to keep his persona out of media.

    One known public appearance before that time was Violet representing one side in the legal case over the publication rights for the infamous Goncourt diaries in front of a Paris court in the summer of 1954.

    Violet lost the case.

    Violet´s WWII past is not entirely known, rumours claim he collaborated with the Germans. However this was true for many high-ranking French politicians after 1945 without any consequences for them.

    One of his closest associates was Germany´s first Secretary of Defense Franz-Josef Strauß and long-time leader of the Bavarian conservative party CSU, ultra-conservative himself, extremely ambitious, together with Violet they were involved into attempts to create the foundation of a European WMD program in the mid-1950s until this was thwarted by de Gaulle.

    Nonetheless Violet acted as intermediary for Franco-German relations well into the 1960s. Enjoying the trust of all sides not least to the fact that most members of the governing bodies had connections with Le Cercle.

    Antoine Pinay was one of the most powerful members of Cercle almost making it as a candidate for French Presidency against de Gaulle when his stellar career was ended by the prostitution scandal “ballets roses” involving very young women in the early 1960s.

    British agent Brian Crozier wrote about Le Cercle and his involvement in “Free Agent” in the 1980s.

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