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    michael norton

    Nicola Sturgeon has written to Boris Johnson asking him to drop in to Bute House for tea and cake and a chat.
    Boris Johnson visited Scotland, however he did not meet Nicola but he looked at things like the Oil Industry, for which Scotland is famous.
    Then Nicola writes again to Boris asking him to look at the Hydrocarbon prospects in Scotland.

    I think she wants Boris to take the rap. If Boris decides for the sake of cop26 that opening new prospects would look bad on the World stage of Glasgow, the masses who work in the Oil and Gas Industries of Scotland, will detest Boris.
    If Boris decides that the Economy of Scotland would do better exploiting these prospects, the Global Warming people will hate Boris.

    It seems to be a cunning plan of Nicola to get Boris to be hated, probably so the SNP Elites can keep their places at the High Tables of semi-power?

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    michael norton
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    Michael, I know I said that I might have something to add about this, but I guessed wrong.

    I think the oil will continue to be extracted for quite a while yet, until someone works out how to power combined harvesters and tractors on batteries without them sinking into the ploughed soil. A typical combined harvester burns forty litres of diesel per hour when it’s running, and has to be tended by two or three tractors.

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    michael norton

    Scottish Conservative Net Zero spokesman Liam Kerr added:

    “The oil and gas sector supports over 100,000 Scottish jobs and the development of the Cambo field could create thousands more.

    “It’s a real shame the SNP government are too busy virtue signalling to work with the industry on the transition to renewables, as the UK government are doing.”

    Industry body Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) said the sector was “committed” to the Scottish and UK climate targets.

    OGUK energy policy manager, Will Webster, added:

    “Regarding Cambo and other future oil and gas investments, it is already demonstrated in projections by government and independent agencies that these are compatible with net zero.”

    So would Nicola like one hundred thousand people to lose their jobs?

    This is probably Nicola green-washing to lure the hapless greens into her bed.

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    There’s no need for anyone to become unemployed. The oil workers have engineering skills, and Scotland has massive potential for wind power, including offshore generation – a very similar set of skills.

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    “So would Nicola like one hundred thousand people to lose their jobs?”

    Perhaps she would like those people to work in different jobs and the 100,000 jobs in oil to go elsewhere. We need to stop burning stuff to generate our energy requirements. Whether that is direct burning of hydrocarbons to power cars etc or indirectly burning hydrocarbons to produce electricity or hydrogen to fool ourselves into thinking we are reducing hydrocarbon use.

    The oil and gas industry and infrastructure needs to be dismantled completely. Renewables imho are not the answer though they may be part of a solution. Nuclear power is the only realistic option with a possible exception of geothermal. We need to find ways to do this safely and soon. We have nuclear powered submarines, aircraft carriers and such producing power that would suffice a small city. The tech is already in place.

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    michael norton

    I am not sure what side Nicola or Boris are standing but it seems Joe Biden is standing on the same side as Donald Trump, he wants more and more oil production so he can boost American trade.

    “Last month, members of the Opec cartel and allies agreed to boost supply to help stabilise the situation, adding 400,000 barrels a day to their output.

    But the White House said it was simply not enough”.

    The world’s top oil producers must do more to help quell rising fuel prices or it could threaten the global recovery, the White House has said.

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    michael norton

    Nicola Sturgeon said the move would help to create “a greener, fairer, independent Scotland”.

    The first minister described the partnership as “groundbreaking in both Scottish and, perhaps even more so, United Kingdom politics”, and said it is “about doing politics and governance better”.

    “Most importantly though, it is an agreement that meets the challenges and the opportunities of our time,” she added.

    I hope she does not get confused between groundbreaking and worldbeating.

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    michael norton

    So The Greens are to grasp some of the reins of power, in Scotland.
    It is being claimed by Nicola that two cabinet positions will be offered to the Greens.
    As well as Global Warming I understand they are also consumed by adherence to woke. What could possibly go wrong?

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    michael norton

    A cooperation deal between the SNP and Scottish Greens which would see two Green MSPs become Government ministers was announced on Friday.
    Nicola has also announced that she is kick-starting a review into how Scotland has dealt with the covid pandemic, whilst also saying Scotland may have to return to Lock-Down.
    Does not sound much freedom from rules in Scotland under Sturgeon.

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