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    Phil the ex-frog


    A serious question. You might not like this but please resist the temptation to delete it. I hope this may develop into a discussion about notions of free speech.

    Endless sniping and bile, year upon year of sniping at others, relentless patronising bitching with zero substance is acceptable here as long as the offender uses words like “chump”.

    However, a valid response, exploring a novel and relevant argument, is deleted because I used the word “shite”.

    Amusingly the person called a shite has a comment remaining calling someone else a pile of “merde”. here

    In a post about middle class superiority your choices seem more concerned with the imposition of middle class values than having a discussion. Delicious.

    I suggest the liberal notion of free speech here is very confused. Relentless attacks, childish bullying, offering nothing except bile and criticism in the most patronising way, are fine if accompanied by insults in French.

    You have to be fucking joking, non?

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    Phil the ex-frog

    Ah, the topics list is no longer on the side bar. How does anyone know there is a topic posted?

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    Phil the ex-frog

    And even if someone does happen to stumble on this and reply how would I ever know. Really. You may as well remove these forums.

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    Craig asked for them to be removed from the sidebar as nobody was using them and he felt that the same old topics just cluttered the site. Very shortly after you decided to use it!

    There are multiple mods and different mods will make different judgements. The same mod can make different calls at different times and not all comments are even read by all mods – some might be read by no mods at all until attentions is drawn. I can guarantee you the poster you mentioned has previously contacted Craig to complain about their posts being deleted when ones attacking them stayed. It’s a bit swings and roundabouts but individual posters don’t see the whole picture. If we had a table of top-10 most moderated users you would probably be surprised.

    In any case the comment you pointed out has now gone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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