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    This is intended for jokes based on those made in the former Soviet Union which may expose both the undesirability of dictatorship and boost the fight for democracy in Ukraine at this time.

    A Russian officer is standing at the door to the barracks. A drunken soldier approaches, seeing double. “Sirs, may I go past?” “Okay, ” hiccups the officer, “but go one at a time..”

    Слава Україні!

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    Do you mind some Russian humor in your topic, M.J.?

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    Perhaps I’d find it funny if I could understand Russian Tatyana but I did laugh at myself checking my phone wasn’t close to dying. 😀

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    sorry for that sound! I left it as it is, because I was too lazy to re-record this video. I’m not a singer and such vocalizations are quite difficult for me.
    This is a remake of a popular patriotic song. The words are:

    “How many sanctions are yet to come? Tell me Cuckoo, sing to me.
    We are now outcasts of the EU.
    Should we lie down and cry?
    Or should we turn to booze?
    To booze!
    Hey EU, look at me,
    My palm turns into a middle finger gesture.
    No ruble – no gas.
    That’s it.”

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    @Tatyana-great to see (and hear you). I haven’t seen many posts from you recently on this forum and hoped you were ok.
    I’ve not visited or posted for ages for various reasons not least because of a noticeable increase in anti- Russian posts. Looking forward to the time when sanity prevails.

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