The real purpose of the “free school meals in the holidays” propaganda?

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    Big contracts are involved in supplying catering services to schools, and doubtless various official personages are helping the companies concerned run lucrative coronavirus-related scams – the same as with fire safety at hotels, club licences, or a dozen other fields that could be mentioned. If there were really such a thing as an “investigative journalist” or a “free press”, the business connections including of the footbally celebrity who is doing a bit of the public relations work would soon be unmasked.

    But look at the bigger picture. Schools have never before provided meals during the holidays, “free” or otherwise. (Or if they have done it, they have done it only extremely rarely, a nd I’ve never heard of a case. Some small counter-example somewhere wouldn’t undermine what I’m about to say.) So what’s going on?

    It’s fairly obvious that schools have been a major vector of the spread of SARS-CoV2 since the end of the big lockdown. I believe this was deliberate. Thus in Scotland, for example, the nationalist criminals in the devolved government have carefully designed their “five levels” of restrictions so as to ensure that even the “strictest” level would leave the schools open. Basically they are keeping straight faces as they say that in order to prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus, let’s make sure that the places where it’s spreading most rapidly are kept open. Ever get the feeling you’re being lied to?

    What’s with the putting of the issue of FEEDING CHILDREN WHO WOULD OTHERWISE GO HUNGRY on the front pages, making it the biggest political question of the day, the biggest “talked about” political thing? “Free school meals” or “FSM” children has for a while been Tory code for “the gaping mouths of members of castes whose existence is unnecessary”.

    As I have been saying for some time, famine is around the corner. Government propaganda – perhaps on a world scale, perhaps not – looks likely in Britain to link this to the SARS strain that is supposedly causing all the trouble.

    This isn’t about shortages of toilet paper or bans on buying hairdryers or various other items that propagandists are encouraging idiots to talk about. It isn’t about clothes either. It’s about FOOD.

    It won’t surprise me if the British government and the three localised rackets in Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast suddenly dictate, with little notice, that all school pupils must remain at school day and night if they are infected with SARS-CoV2, in other words if schools are basically turned into prison camps, with no parental access allowed, except through Google and Apple and Facebook. At first this may “only” be for a fortnight…

    Call me a loony those who wish to. Anyone who does wish to should reflect on what they would have called a person 10 months ago who predicted where we are now.

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