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    “The Commission is a force equipped with personnel by EU governments not their parliaments.”

    This is how it should be. The government of the day is elected by the electorate of the member state who then put forward their choice of candidate to the commission. I would be totally against electing commissioners because that would give them more power and a political base outside of their own electorate. The commission president and commissioners should have no political power at all. All political power and directives should rest with, and only with, the EU council with the heads of state and their ministers and the EU parliament elected as that is directly by the member states’ electorates.

    My problem is with Ursula von der Leyen and Borrell being given far too much space in which to express their own political views. I don’t think some states in the EU would be happy with her stating, as commission president, she’d only work with pro-NATO supporters. Who the f*** does she think she is? Where does that leave Ireland, a non-NATO member? Will she refuse to work with the Irish government because Ireland is a non-NATO member?

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    Very tragic to see Germany just sinking deeper and deeper into the world of warmongering.
    Germany and the nordic nations were, up until somehwhere at 2000, the “sane” ones in europe, now all have gone mad and these nations are now one of the most hawkish in the EU, it just happen that those particular nations also are one of the most pro-american ones in the region:
    1. International public opinion of the U.S. remains positive

    Instead the lead for right and wrong have taken by smaller nations:

    Slovenia in the vanguard of Europe’s criticism of Israel
    Slovenia is the only EU member state to have joined the proceedings at the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the case which the Republic of South Africa has brought against Israel.

    Norway also have some decency left apparently:
    Norway slams Israeli de-facto annexation of Palestinian land as Oslo makes case for State of Palestine at ICJ

    So tragic to see the EU that was supposed to be about peace, and sure peace has been achieved in the EU, but instead the EU have started picking fights with nations outside of the union.

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    A question is whether sociology e.g. could offer sound explanations for the sad fact that it is these privileged very societies investing, allegedly into education (whatever that is), into access to information (whatever THAT is), into social security to offer more than just realities at work, that now so totally fail in practising elementary forms of a critical public and politics based on scientific and open exchange.
    In fact it is those very countries which have been among the ones more prone to social(ist) and anti-capitalist convictions that now have surrendered to capitalist think in its most blunt Leninist shape.

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    43 min. lecture by German General Harald Kujat, the former Chief of Staff of the German armed forces and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, warns that the US and NATO instigated the Ukraine War to destroy Russia:

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    Thanks, will check that video tommorow. Yes Nato seems hellbent to escalate the Ukraine conflict to world war:

    Ukraine can deploy F-16s to attack deep inside Russia – NATO
    Kiev will be able to use the fighter jets outside its claimed borders, the bloc’s head has said
    Why even send such provocative messages? Ukraine will take that as a green light to expand the war! Totally unnecessary and dangerous.

    It is like Nato deep down understand that they did not win this round in Ukraine against Russia, so they try to go all in and beat Russia in the next round.
    And again, good example regarding the so called socialists being the worst warmongers today:

    Nato boss sang anti-Nato songs as a youth
    NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg has reminisced about his evenings as a teenager spent singing anti-Nato protest songs from a song booklet with a picture of Lenin on the front page.

    And look at him today, being part of the forces that drive the world toward nuclear escalation.

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    Ivan Katchanovski interviewed on Scheerpost, 100 min.
    “Ukraine’s Maidan Coup: The Evidence, 10 Years Later (w/ Ivan Katchanovski)”

    (interview made by the two “kids on the block” Jones&Ramos, a real expert on UKR would have been nice as interviewer which doesn´t mean they dont´t do a decent job. But Stephen Cohen or Richard Sakwa needed decades for who they became. And Aaron Maté is no freshman either.)

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    thx for the F-16 bit.

    Stoltenberg should be ashamed.
    By now I believe that former leftists are worse when in power because their tradition is one of anti-power. So they are not used to operate with it and eventually are more war-mongering than traditional conservative assholes who have always believed in class division and top down rule. So they are more capable of some restraint (this is NOT true for Germany of course) but it’s sort of a superficial observation I made.

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    Looks like it’s time for me to radicalise myself. Gonna scratch my soul looking for hatred, as we are on the very eve of great war and I need to abandon all this humanity and peace-loving attitudes. Pacifists die first, I believe.

    An article from medialens entitled Elite Fear Of The Public: Ukraine, Gaza and Assange.

    They detail how media suppresses actual public opinion which more often is against what is being done in our name. Most Europeans are against the war in Ukraine and any escalation.

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    As I have argued before, there is no evidence for any change re: NATO with Trump as POTUS.

    Moon Of Alabama confirming my view today:

    Intro of the blog entry:

    Trump Wants NATO To Be The Same Racket That It Has Always Been

    There is this weird claim in librul media that Donald Trump, should he be reelected as president, would shun NATO.

    Fears of a NATO Withdrawal Rise as Trump Seeks a Return to Power – NY Times, Dec 9 2023

    I have found no evidence that would justify the headline. In fact the authors remark:

    Yet as he runs to regain the White House, Mr. Trump has said precious little about his intentions. His campaign website contains a single cryptic sentence: “We have to finish the process we began under my administration of fundamentally re-evaluating NATO’s purpose and NATO’s mission.” He and his team refuse to elaborate.

    Trump’s incendiary NATO remarks send very real shudders through Europe – CNN, Feb 12 2024

    What causes the actual ‘shudders’ is that Trump attempts to use NATO to blackmail member countries into buying more U.S. produced weapons:

    [W]hen the former president suggested on Saturday that he would let Russia do “whatever the hell they want” to any NATO member that doesn’t meet spending guidelines, the impact was acute.

    He recalled what he said was a conversation with a “large” NATO ally – it was unclear who he was referring to or when the conversation took place – which, according to his telling, had declined to spend the 2% recommended equivalent of their GDP on defense, but nevertheless wanted assurances from the US that they would be protected if Russia attacked. Trump said he would not give such an assurance, as the ally was “delinquent,” and Russian President Vladimir Putin should feel free to have his way.
    No one was shocked by that. The U.S., and Trump, have played that game since NATO existed.

    And the RU government has always been aware of this.

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    Natylie Baldwin featuring Gordon Hahn on the Putin-Carlson interview
    “Gordon Hahn: The Carlson-Putin Interview: Putin’s Failed but Very Russian History Lesson”


    “Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a tour de force of both journalism and political communication, with a few caveats. Here I will address the issue of Putin’s long historical preamble to Carlson’s first question as to why he chose to invade Ukraine precisely on February 24, 2024, escalating the Ukrainian civil war to a NATO-Russia Ukrainian War.

    This was not one of Putin’s communication successes during the interview. Many Americans were perplexed, consternated, and/or irritated by Putin’s long introductory exegesis on Russian history in response to a question regarding the reasons he chose to invade Ukraine when he did. But Putin did not do this to filibuster or avoid answering the question. He gave us a review of more than a thousand years of mostly Russian but also Ukrainian history and relations between Russia and the West for several very Russian reasons.”

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    On the Carlson-Putin interview, one very popular feedback here in Russia is by Candace Owens.
    Someone cared to translate her video into Russian, and Russian people literally flooded the comment section saying their application. In case she reads it 🙂 I’d like to say my thanks too!

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    40 min. I recommend to everyone:

    Nicolai Petro interview on peace perspectives
    Febr. 4th 2024

    p.s. his book “The Tragedy of Ukraine” is available for 20 Euros by now

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    This is an interesting short piece of news. Unfortunately I don´t get the connection:

    Former US-ambassador to Germany, Grenell, a Trump guy, blames Merkel for the war in UKR.
    So far so good.
    But his argument to me makes no sense:

    here the core of the statement:

    “(…)The former US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell , blames former Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) for the wars in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip. “ Donald Trump had three main concerns that Germany did not want to fulfill,” said the former US president’s close confidante to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. These were the end of Nord Stream 2, higher defense spending and new Iran sanctions.

    “History has shown that he was right in all three cases,” Grenell continued. Nevertheless, he sees no excuse for this from Merkel or the current federal government. “If she had followed us, we wouldn’t have been at war in Ukraine or Gaza ,” said the former ambassador with conviction.

    What do Trump´s 3 demands have anything to do with the war in UKR and Israel´s massacre?

    entire piece here:

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    a second, invaluable interview with Nicolai Petro, put online shortly after I posted the first one above.

    Both are good but this one is more substantial, more profound, not least due to its length of 100 min. and the two interviewers instead of one, Glenn Diesen and Alex Mercouris.

    “Towards negotiations between Russia & Ukraine/NATO? Nicolai Petro, Alexander Mercouris, Glenn Diesen

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    Is there anything in this world that is not somehow (allegedly) related to Russia?
    The ongoing protests by Polish farmers against Ukrainian imports have an “obvious Russian trace” behind them, Kiev’s foreign minister, Dmitry Kuleba, has claimed.
    …and then the west claim Russia believe in nutty conspiracy theories!

    The Russian-is-behind-every-ill is directly linked to the Judeo-bolshevik conspiracy theory the nazis used. Today, almost the same accusations, are spread like it is something normal and sanitzied:

    What if someone said well jews control the world and cause every problem for the west. Racism right, how come one could so freely claim that not only Russia but russians themselves are everywhere trying to cause problems for the west behind the scenes?

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    The Duran discussing a remarkable NYT piece on 12 US CIA-spy bases on the border between UKR/RU operating for 8 years now.

    The Duran:
    at TC 50:00

    Mercouris e.g. mentions that Budanov seems to be a CIA asset (at least that comes to one´s mind reading the NYT) and that Trump was never fully briefed about these bases.

    NYT piece:

    The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin
    For more than a decade, the United States has nurtured a secret intelligence partnership with Ukraine that is now critical for both countries in countering Russia.”
    Feb. 25, 2024

    first paragraphs of the NYT:

    “The listening post in the Ukrainian forest is part of a C.I.A.- supported network of spy bases constructed in the past eight years that includes 12 secret locations along the Russian border. Before the war, the Ukrainians proved themselves to the Americans by collecting intercepts that helped prove Russia’s involvement in the 2014 downing of a commercial jetliner, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. The Ukrainians also helped the Americans go after the Russian operatives who meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
     Around 2016, the C.I.A. began training an elite Ukrainian commando force — known as Unit 2245 — which captured Russian drones and communications gear so that C.I.A. technicians could reverse-engineer them and crack Moscow’s encryption systems. (One officer in the unit was Kyrylo Budanov, now the general leading Ukraine’s military intelligence.)
     And the C.I.A. also helped train a new generation of Ukrainian spies who operated inside Russia, across Europe, and in Cuba and other places where the Russians have a large presence.”

    also remarkable that the TIMES still goes with 2 blatant lies, Russiagate and MH-17 downing by RU.

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    Is there any other socialdemokratic party leader in the EU that speak the truth like the slovakian PM?

    Slovak PM: Russian-Ukraine war ‘started back in 2014 with the rampant spread of Ukrainian neo-Nazis’

    This is the core of problem, the core of the issue that triggered the conflict, if it was not for this radical ideology, element in Ukraine there would be no war today.

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    Yes, nazis. As if it some sort of surprise 🙂
    Interesting to read the recent comments under the 5-year old video

    “Ukrainian Fascist Leader Speaks in US Congress, While Nazis Launch Racist Attacks”

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    How could an alleged socialdemorat say such stupidity? Take from the social budge and use it for a senseless war!?

    EU citizens must tighten belts to deter Russia – member state
    EU nations must prioritize defense spending by carving out money from social programs to deter Russia amid the Ukraine conflict, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has argued.

    What the hell is wrong with these people? If they love war or care so much, go, travel to Ukraine and bring your family and every related person with you! What are you waiting for?

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    I find polls always only of limited help.
    But over the course of 2 years some simple facts are confirmed by them:

    In Germany e.g.:

    Berlin’s hardline demand that Russia must lose the war not only goes against the sober assessment of the situation by experienced military officers, but also a clear majority of the population.

    In a survey conducted by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) in twelve European countries in the first half of January, just ten percent of all German respondents stated that they believed Ukraine could still win the war.

    In contrast, 19 percent saw Russia as the winner, while 31 percent expected a compromise between Moscow and Kiev.

    Although 32% still thought the EU should support Ukraine militarily, 41% said they would prefer Brussels to urge Kiev to negotiate with Moscow.

    Although an Ipsos survey conducted at the beginning of February revealed that around 25% of the German population believed that Ukraine could still win the war, 40% said that this was no longer possible.

    A further 39% were still in favor of supplying weapons to Ukraine; however, 43% were against it.

    According to the survey, by far the largest proportion of those in favor of supplying weapons are supporters of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (72%), who also have the highest proportion of those who believe a Ukrainian victory is still possible (47%).

    The figures of those in favour of peace in whatever form are probably much highher. Usually people who oppose media and government views are less willing to take part in surveys.

    And this is even more the case for those who favour RU. They will be entirely left out of ANY survey.

    A reality not shown in a reality check.

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    Gordon Hahn with a new piece recapitulating the path to war:

    “Did the West Intentionally Incite Putin to War?”

    a few paragraphs:

    beginning with the end:

    —“A final side note. All this has led to NATO and the US being combatants in a war against Russia, which threatens us with world war and nuclear conflagration. You doubt NATO is a combatant? Here is how a NATO official describes NATO involvement in organizing deep communications and targeting (!) for Ukraine down to the front unit level: “(T)he way targeting has been achieved within Ukraine and the way that data has been provided down to almost the lowest tactical unit there for them to be able to call joint fires in is extraordinary. … I think that the tempo that’s been achieved to give those capabilities to do a sort of trial in the field, where the risk appetite is very high. I think many allies look on enviously how quickly that can be done in comparison to more traditional processes” (”

    —“In late 2022 then Ukrainian presidential advisor and unofficial spokesman Oleksiy Arestovich asserted that in December 2021 Kiev had been stealthily moving to the conflict zone, ‘forward positioning’ some 40-60,000 troops ( Did this come from Western advice, and did Russian intelligence catch these deployments? Was this connected to Zelenskiy’s provocative statement to Ukrainian intelligence services a month before Putin’s SMO began: “We have learned to deter and counter external aggression quite effectively. I am convinced that the time has come to move to offensive actions to defend our national interests”? (

    On the eve of the war the West, in particular Washington, was issuing repeated warnings that Putin was planning to invade Ukraine, but the warnings were so hysterical and accompanied a deafening silence in US diplomacy, suggesting the goal was to provoke the reater green Zelenskiy into a misstep that Russia might use to justify an invasion Indeed, soon Zelenskiy cooperated, perhaos falling for the trap, by announcing Kiev was going to abandon the Budapest memorandum which is the basis for Ukraine’s non-nuclear status. Then throw into this combustible mix the exponential increase in firing across the contact line undertaken by Ukrainian forces first and Zelenskiy’s threat to pursue nuclear capability.”

    —“In 2019, an amendment to Ukraine’s Constitution entered into force stipulating membership in NATO as a strategic foreign and security policy objective, overturning the neutrality policy of the pre-Maidan regime Yanukovych government. This followed a June 2017 Ukrainian legislation reinstating NATO membership as a Ukrainian foreign and security policy goal. At the 2016 NATO Summit in Warsaw, NATO included in the alliance’s Comprehensive Assistance Package (CAP) “to support Ukraine’s ability to provide for its own security and to implement wide-ranging reforms based on NATO standards, Euro-Atlantic principles and best practices.” Under CAP, NATO “helped Ukraine transform its security and defense sector for many years, providing strategic-level advice via the NATO Representation to Ukraine and practical support through a range of capacity-building programmes and initiatives. Through these programmes and tailored advice, NATO has significantly strengthened the capacity and resilience of Ukraine’s security and defence sector, as well as its ability to counter hybrid threats.”

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    As UKR former ambassador to GB, Vadym Prystaiko (fired after criticizing Zelensky), past December stated in an interview, GB had proposed sending an expeditionary force up to the Dnieper, to the Belarus border, and the RU border with Norway and Finland, to disperse RU forces and as well carrying out possible NATO strikes onto RU territory.


    the news outlets Sleboda is quoting:

    in Russian

    “UK contemplating sending troops to Ukraine – ex-ambassador ”

    and the original source, a very long exclusive interview with the frm ambassador by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Dec. 2023:

    “Experiments with Britain will be very expensive.” Vadym Prystaiko about his resignation, “Zelensky’s sarcasm” and NATO’s prospects”

    Interestingly I could only find an original publication of the interview in UKRAINIAN conducted by a member of Radio Svoboda.

    Which would most likely be ignored by Western media. Which is also why I didn´t read about this at all in German sources.

    The Western media´s hypocrisy is astounding: They love Ukraine. However whenever unpleasant truths are spilled out in UKR press they are conveniently ignored – even if the sources originate with the West, like Radio Free Europe.

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    It is like the whole of Ukraine is infiltrated by the west:

    Western special forces working in Ukraine – FT
    Multiple European leaders have denied any official plans to send troops into Ukraine to fight against Russia

    The other day it was reported that CIA had dozens of bases inside of Ukraine being involved in attacks against Russia:

    CIA builds 12 secret spy bases in Ukraine along Russian border

    Basically the west provides weapons, ammo, money, political support, agents/spies/advisors to Ukraine.
    Funny how when Iran support Palestinians or Houthis, it is framed as a “proxy-war” where Iran cynically use these groups as pawns for their own interest, but when the western world are knee-deep involved in Ukraine, it is not smeared as a proxy war at all in the media!

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    Jack, the CIA secret spy facilities in Ukraine was yesterday on our news, mentioning The New York Times:

    “It took root a decade ago, coming together in fits and starts under three very different U.S. presidents, pushed forward by key individuals who often took daring risks.”

    I wonder if Nuland and Blinken are those ‘key individuals’?

    Today, the article is analyzed in detail by journalist Kornilov, and he points to the confirmed unreliability of the “Nalivaichenko tapes” on MH 17.
    And also that Kiev’s military plans are not a conspiracy theory, since there are confirmed recordings of Biden scolding Poroshenko for the failure of the raid on Crimea in 2016.

    Also, our media is discussing the publication of the Financial Times, confirming the presence of Western special forces in the war in Ukraine.

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    the complete NYT spy bases piece would be here:

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    The only thing I haven´t been able figuring out are those secret attack plans for March 2022 by AFU against Donbas which were “captured” (or indeed captured) by RU, located on a NATO laptop.

    TATYANA had translated them from screenshots which were floating online back then.
    But since no one corroborated their authenticity.

    So far they have been regarded as forgeries…
    but I haven´t given up on them.

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    if it can be any help, there are images of the laptop:
    the label says ‘NATO IT Asset #189736’
    published in Russian news on March 16, 2022
    The electronic device described as” “a laptop with intelligence data, which had a license number from the NATO registry, found in one of the headquarters of *the Right Sector”.

    *should I say again that the Right Sector are ultra-nazi Ukrainian organization, most telling role of them I find in this video – they visited some meeting, obviously to ensure the right sort of democracy
    at 3:55 he screams “The right sector!” and performs a nazi salute, while his masked guys with baseball bats come out of the meeting room and the audience applauds. Nice, eh?

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    My major worry is the nature of NATO´s limited war-making capabilities.

    NATO by design immediately zeros in on high-stakes max-escalation.
    The entire euipment is built for it, their airborne supremacy is built for it.
    US Air Force power with 12.000 war planes is built for it.

    If that fails which it would against RU since RU is no Third World Micky Mouse force they would immeditaley threaten to go “ballistic” in the truest sense of the term.

    And that would be the real plan if there ever was a plan: Confront RU with annihilation.
    Everything up to that would have been fakery and foreplay.

    JFK did the same thing. Apparently the West needs this adrenalin push every 60 years.

    NATO internally knows these are the military facts. It´s what they would truly be aiming for if they did go for the real thing.

    I doubt that the sorts of Macron and their speech-writers know this.
    Neither does anyone among the media public.

    They all share foresight of a goldfish.

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    France labels Russia a ‘direct threat’
    PM Gabriel Attal attributes the loss of French positions in the Sahel to Russian “destabilization”

    I looked up this PM of France and saw that he was born only in 1989 thus only 35 years old. People of such “young” age should not be in power of a nuclear power. We need politicians with experience and humility – there are too much hot-heads, too much ignorance among modern politicians of the west, most of them lack the diplomatic trait that is so critical and important during times of conflict and war.

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    Christoforou on The Duran calls Attal “Macron´s Mini-Me”

    * * *

    2 pieces on the NYT text about the CIA-bases in UKR

    By CIA whistle-blower John Kiriakou:
    By Patrick Lawrence:

    #95079 Reply

    Patrick Lawrence stripping down the NYT piece on the bunkers to what it is:

    “The CIA in Ukraine — The NY Times Gets a Guided Tour”

    Adam Entous and Michael Schwirtz tell the story of—this the subhead—“a secret intelligence partnership with Ukraine that is now critical for both countries in countering Russia.” They set the scene in a below-ground monitoring and communications center the CIA showed Ukrainian intel how to build beneath the wreckage of an army outpost destroyed in a Russian missile attack. They report on the archipelago of such places the agency paid for, designed, equipped, and now helps operate. Twelve of these, please note, are along Ukraine’s border with Russia.

    Entous and Schwirtz, it is time to mention, are not based in Ukraine. They operate from Washington and New York respectively. This indicates clearly enough the genesis of “The Spy War.” There was no breaking down of doors involved here, no intrepid correspondents digging, no tramping around in Ukraine’s mud and cold, unguided. The CIA handed these two material according to what it wanted and did not want disclosed, and various officials associated with it made themselves available as “sources”—none of the American sources named, per usual.

    Are we supposed to think these reporters found the underground bunker and all the other such installations by dint of their “investigation”—a term they have the gall to use as they describe what they did? And then they developed some kind of grand exposé of all the agency wanted to keep hidden? Is this it?

    Sheer pretense, nothing more. Entous and Schwirtz opened wide and got fed. There appears to be nothing in what they wrote that was not effectively authorized, and we can probably do without “effectively.”

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    This to keep informed a bit at least on Kagarlitsky. It´s not necessary to share any views associating with Navalny but ignoring Kagarlitsky would be as inconsequential – at least from my side, complaining as I have about German authorities putting people into prison or finig them for their opinion.

    “Freedom for Boris Kagarlitsky”

    p.s. It is telling that German media give a damn about Kagarlitsky or any of the other true oppositional activists/intellectuals locked up in RU now. Or any other inmate of RU prisons for that matter.
    One could think now that Navalny died RU has no convicts at all.

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    AG, do you use Telegram? There’s something interesting today in our news:

    Margarita Simonyan reported on the Telegram channel that she has an audio recording in which German officers discuss attacks on the bridge across the Kerch Strait.

    “Something very interesting was conveyed to me by comrades in uniform, just on the day when Scholz said that NATO is not participating and will not participate in the Ukrainian conflict.
    In this most interesting recording, high-ranking Bundeswehr officers discuss how they will bomb (attention!) the Crimean bridge,” Simonyan wrote.

    The participants in the conversation are discussing how to strike it so that suspicion does not fall on Germany. The audio recording lasts 40 minutes, in which German officers also mention the American and British military, who, in their words, have been ‘directly involved in the conflict for a long time’.

    “Such fascinating reading and audio that I really want to publish it. To please my subscribers,” Simonyan added.

    She emphasized that she was making an official journalistic request on this situation to the German Ambassador in Moscow, the German Foreign Minister and personally to Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

    “How do we actually understand this? Isn’t it time for Russia to actively remind Germany how the explosions of Russian bridges ended for Germany last time? I would like to see the answer, as is customary in all requests from your media, by lunchtime today. Otherwise ‘You never know what may happen tomorrow’, Simonyan concluded.

    After the audio recording became known, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on the Telegram channel that the German press had a reason to prove its independence and ask questions to Foreign Minister Annalene Bärbock.

    Simomyn’s TG is here
    I expect they may publish the recording and it must be in German language

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    no TG myself (am very old-fashioned).
    So thx!
    I´ll post if I see anything of relevance from FRG.

    Most likely Anti-Spiegel should bring such an item if the editor can corroborate the story.

    #95115 Reply
    #95116 Reply


    Well, that didn´t take too long.
    This is not more than you already told me. But it´s out now. Lets see if anybody else reports.
    (But don´t expect any meaningful official answer.)

    via google trnsl

    Russia demands an explanation from Germany about the Bundeswehr’s planned attack on the Crimean Bridge
    from Anti-Spiegel
    March 1, 2024 5:20 p.m

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    totally different but perhaps you like this:

    A young naive (incredibly stupid) playwright did a play titled “Russian Troll Farm”

    Here the devastating review:

    “Russian Troll Farm” uses proven lies to promote Russophobic propaganda
    By Lucy Komisar

    p.s. Pity, today is the last night of the show

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    haha 🙂
    want a Russian joke?
    – Why do Western countries want war so much?
    – Oh, once upon a time the President made friends with all his neighbors. Peace was established, wars stopped, and there was very successful trade, and the country earned a mountain of gold. One day this President climbed up the mountain of gold, slipped awkwardly and fell, breaking his ass. So now they avoid everything that is dangerously peaceful.

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    France considers letting Special Forces ‘cross’ into Ukraine – Le Monde

    Paris is contemplating sending a small force into Ukrainian territory to pose “strategic dilemma” for Moscow, the French outlet has claimed

    Sigh why would french soldiers be a deterrent?? What on earth are these idiots smoking?!
    Besides is there not already tons of western military advisors inside Ukraine?

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    as is so often with RU jokes – they are way too sophisticated for a Western mind!
    (or to quote the UN deputy ambassador of RU, they must resort to more primitive language to make themselves understood by Western colleagues than they used to)


    French smoking? I guess it used to be Gitanes?

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