Well-funded rune-waving climate kooks are blocking newspaper presses in London

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    Climate change kooks carrying runic flags while spouting the “science” of “it happened to the dinosaurs and it’s about to happen again” – led by followers of ultra-racist Rudolf Steiner and well-funded by the Steinerite Triodos Bank – have today had the red carpet laid out for them by the British state so that they can blockade newspapers’ printing presses in central London, basically “calling on” Rupert Murdoch and the government to do more of the same but at a much higher pitch and much faster.

    For some reason the British state managed to stop several generations of striking workers from blockading the same newspapers’ presses. Perhaps the striking miners and printworkers should have waved foccacia and Hasselblad cameras at the Old Bill?

    Where’s the army when we need them?

    Those of a sensitive disposition should block their ears now, but fascists should be beaten off the streets. It doesn’t matter if they say they’re against big business, or that all they’re seeking to do is help us see the error of our ways and avoid cosmic punishment.

    Prediction: these nutters will be out on the streets again when the shelves run bare, whether that’s at the time of the Brexit cliffedge at the end of 2020 or at the time of a prior financial crash.

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    I am surprised by what you say. The real fascists are the government, the corporations and the billionaire print media owners, not XR rebellion. The government is just about to criminalise all public protest and label the XR a terrorist group under emergency laws that will be enacted without any parliamentary scrutiny. Are you a real Marxist or are you on the side of the real fascists?

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    Isn’t it wonderful….. a little less keich produced by a keich producing culture.

    I haven’t read an newspaper for years, as for BBC, that well known Tory propaganda machine I’ve only heard it by accident.

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    The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space and is the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms. […] According to a study published in October 2012 by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the reef has lost more than half its coral cover since 1985.

    The largest living structure on Earth is dying due to human activity. I’ve got a question; how long do you think we humans have?



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