A Tour d’Horizon on Swiss Box 52

Assange, Gaza, the manipulation of “anti-semitism”, threats to civil liberties, Galloway, the forms of armed resistance available to the colonised: I enjoy the long-form interview as a chance to explore issues in depth. This one was very enjoyable, and we didn’t get through half of Antoine’s list of topics.

I do hope that you can find time at least to dip in to this discussion of what I am doing and thinking at the moment.

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52 thoughts on “A Tour d’Horizon on Swiss Box

  • Tom Welsh

    The idea of a “hostile foreign power” is intriguing. To my knowledge, the UK has never declared war since WW2; yet it has attacked, at one time or another, a majority of the nations that are members of the UN. Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, etc. have, as far as I know, done nothing to harm the UK – it has been quite the other way round.

    So apparently a “hostile foreign power” is code for “a nation to which the UK government is hostile”. Which, of course, is not something that any ordinary citizen could possibly know. The Cabinet, meeting in secret, may today have decided that Paraguay or Vanuatu is “hostile” – and automatically anyone having any dealings with such a nation would be a criminal liable to summary imprisonment.

    Just as a person who is said to “hate Israel” is, in reality, anyone whom Israel hates.

  • Tom Welsh

    Mr Murray said something with which I very strongly disagree. He said that Navalny should not have been imprisoned, because it is a political mistake to put the government’s political opponents in prison.

    As I see it, Mr Putin and the Russians in general are much more straightforward. They put Navalny in prison because he broke Russian laws, was tried by a Russian court, found guilty and convicted. Nothing at all to do with Moscow or Mr Putin.

    I am surprised that Mr Murray thinks that, just because the courts are not independent in the UK, they are not independent in Russia. Many of us are rapidly becoming used to the idea that civil rights and the rule of law flourish in Russia, although they are nearly dead in the UK and the USA.

    • Leftworks

      I won’t give an opinion on that because I don’t know enough.

      I do get the strong sense that Donald Trump, who I hasten to say I think the public evidence shows is probably an unpleasant sociopath and thoroughly deserves to be prosecuted, is only being so prosecuted because the US establishment does not like him. He is independent minded and a loose cannon who does not like taking direction.

      Were he pliant and the establishment’s man, I doubt that he would be being prosecuted now.

      • Tom Welsh

        I should say that I don’t consider the USA or the UK as countries that respect the separation of powers, the rule of law, or human rights. So whatever happens in those countries I just accept in the spirit of “Well, they would say/do that, wouldn’t they?”

        Mr Trump is so unpleasant that it was a real challenge to come up with anyone who would make him look good…ish. But the Democrats triumphantly produced Mr Biden, one of the nastiest humans who have ever lived. He doesn’t even have the excuse of being motivated by a vile ideology. He’s just horrible, greedy, wicked, and lecherous. And not lecherous in a good way. And, to crown all his other crimes, he is the father of his son.

        As for Mr Trump, it can be said in his defence that he does personify all the weaknesses and sins of the American people. He’s a walking caricature of a Yankee businessman.

        As Edward Abbey remarked long ago, “One thing more dangerous than getting between a grizzly sow and her cub is getting between a businessman and a dollar bill”.

        • will moon

          “..not lecherous in a good way.”

          Tom Is there an example of a person being lecherous “in a good way”?lol.

          Randy Andy – no.

          Bill’s Dick or Dicks Bill – no

          Randy Mandy and his house boy – no

          So Tom exercise that massive historical knowledge of yours and find me a good lech lol!

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Presumably, ‘Randy Mandy and his house boy’ is a reference to Peter Mandelson and his husband, Reinaldo da Silva, Will? They’ve been together for 27 years (far longer than most heterosexual relationships, and over ten times longer than any of mine) and they got married last year. Unless you know something I don’t, of all the things to have a go at him for, you’d have thought that would be near the bottom of the list.

          • Tom Welsh

            n adjective having or showing excessive or offensive sexual desire.

            Many of us, at one time or another, have been guilty of excessive sexual desire. It’s one of the main themes of drama and literature.

            Romeo’s love for Juliet; King John’s uxoriousness over his young queen Isabelle of Angouleme; even Oscar Wilde’s rather unreciprocated adoration of his Bosie; there are so many examples.

            While I wouldn’t necessarily claim any of those as “good lechery”, they seem to be normal and understandable, and thus in a different class from President Biden’s apparently irresistible impulse to sniff the hair of any female in his vicinity, whatever her age.

          • will moon

            lag most of things that I know, you don’t know and you will never know – that is just the way things are – I am sorry my old lag but I don’t make the rules

            Western society is governed by a uni party with two wings – the Saville wing and the Epstein wing – Mandy belongs to the Epstein wing as his photographic presence in Jeff Epstein’s life and the multiple numbers in the Jeff Epstein black book attest to.

            A very long time ago in a world a lot like this one, but kinder and gentler , civil society had begun to recover from the terrible wars that the wealth extremists had caused so they could get more cash and protect the cash they had already robbed from the rest of the world – generally from people who had darker skin or flatter noses but not always. Well at that time a satirical magazine published a photo depicting an older man and a much younger man. It was not obscene, just silk kimonos flapping in the breeze.

            I was washing dishes somewhere and one of the sous chief looked very like the younger person in the photo. He was called Eddy and he was a great guy, great colleague and we all loved him – we all knew he was the best of us. Eddy was a teenager who had grown up in Thailand but only his ma was Thai. His resemblance to the boy in the photo led me to show him the photo. He studied the image for a minute or two and then turned his head to me and said softly

            “Farang fuck their way around the world” (farang – Thai for “white person”)

            He turned away and went back to chopping onions.

            Everybody knows and that’s the way it goes

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Will.

            Re: ‘most of things that I know, you don’t know and you will never know – that is just the way things are’

            So I take it that, like me, you have no idea what goes on in Lord Mandelson and his husband’s relationship then? Assuming the photo isn’t fake, I also have no idea what Mandy was doing on Epstein Island – he probably wasn’t there for the girls, but who knows? Mr da Silva would have been 24 or 25 when they first got together (not a teenager) – Mandy was in his 40’s but still fairly good-looking (at least for a politician*), if you ask me.

            P.S. As I’ve told you before, it’s Savile with one L. Thanks for not calling me an old slag.

            * Showbiz for ugly people etc.

          • will moon

            la if the “g” offends it is gone – just like that.and that word is not in my vocab

            If you have ever seen “The Sweeney aka The Flying Squad” – catchphrase “You’re nicked you slag!”, 70’s Brit cop show introducing armed police to the viewing public – tough rough vulgar language not like previous fodder “Dixon of Dock Green” – catchphrase “Evening all”. You will rest easier I’m sure to know that in both cases the guilty were always brought to justice though with considerably differing degrees of nudity, bad language and violence – Robocop versus Beverly Hills Cop in terms of the manifestation of police services in citizens life. Examples of the use of “slag” in “The Sweeney” includes

            X villain to Y villain “ You slag! [Y villain]” (said like an Orc hissing at another Orc)

            Freshly caught villain “You slag Regan!”. (said with great bitterness – Regan was the baddest Johnny on the cop applecart)

            Regan to freshly caught morally degenerate villain “You slag!” (said with great satisfaction)

            If only real life was like TV and all the co-conspirators of Epstein and Savile (Is the spelling of baddies names really that important when speaking informally? The names of monsters tend to overwhelm their linguistic space so recognition and meaning tends to the phoneme level) had been brought to justice. If you spelled “Savillle” people would still know who you mean – above I demonstrate with “Jeff” as opposed to “Geoff”

            Speaking of “good looking politicians”, I saw a recent clip of Bill Clinton recently, being ambushed in public about epstein stuff. His face looked like it was actually rotting in several areas – weird distortion on nose, probably Charles, weird florid cheeks – probably Brandy. He looked every inch the syphillitic 18th century French libertine, as suggested by the works of the Marquis de Sade – I would not be suprised if his toes are coming off when he takes his socks offf lol!

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Will. Don’t worry, no offence taken – and calling me an old slag probably constitutes fair comment as well. I’ve seen a few episodes of The Sweeney over the years, and I did think it was strange how they referred to each other as ‘slags’ – maybe it was a generic insult in 70’s London?

            The ravages of the ageing process care little whether you practise celibacy, lifelong monogamy, entirely-consensual promiscuity (at least while the antibiotics still work), or otherwise – though a low-protein vegetarian or vegan diet can slow them down to some extent. It still seems weird to me how, despite first becoming president over 30 years ago, Bill Clinton is younger than Biden & Trump.

          • will moon

            Clinton was selected along time ago when very young – he arrived at Oxford and the “intelligence” services probed every nook and cranny with the powerful tools to find out what made him tick – and discovered amongst other things, that eros was stronger than thanatos for this puppy.

            He came to himself young, the nickname “slick Willy” came with an undercurrent of admiration of his raw performative talent as well as the gamut of double-entendres so obviously discerned. The pictures of “Governor Clinton” from the 1980’s show a supremely confident unit, who had done questionable things yet radiated confidence.

            In the recent clip, he looked like the Bishop of Bath and Wells in Blackadder – shot through with the corruption of unspeakable perversions lol! When he perceived that they were taking the Epstein piss, he gave the questioner a look that meant so much – if looks could kill .. and they probably can.

            Tyrell: The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And you have burned so very brightly, Roy. Look at you. You’re the prodigal son. You’re quite a prize!
            Roy: I’ve done questionable things.
            Tyrell: Also extraordinary things. Revel in your time.
            — Bladerunner (1982) Ridley Scott

      • Rosemary MacKenzie

        Mr Trump is also quite possibly going to be the next US president – think that might have a baring on it. The democrats really want their boy to be president. The US political system is a mess. It’s rather like most of those in the west and the rest of the world.

    • Melrose

      And what does OSM say ? Completely different!
      Unlike what some people like to pretend, there are many opportunities to get news outside the establishment, including this blog.

  • Suzanne Burrall

    As a child of about 10 years growing up in a Quaker town Los Angeles and Orange County suberb, Whittier, CA, my best playmate on our cul-de-sac street was from a Catholic family (I was raised protestant Episcopalian). My friend’s mother was relating a story about witnessing an incident in a public restroom wherein someone “stole” some shoes from under a stall. She identified the “thief” as a “Dirty Jew”. I was appalled hearing this, and I later said to her mother “How would you like it if I called you a “Dirty Catholic”? This, of course, caused a disruption with our friendship for at least one month, and for me, in retrospect, surprises me that I was a budding advocate of anti-discrimination at a young age.

    • Melrose

      For a 10-year-old, you certainly had quite a talent for correcting your friends’ parents!
      Meanwhile, the last time I checked, Whittier was completely outside Orange County. Even the area codes are different…

      • pretzelattack

        and last time I checked, every large metropolitan area has several area codes within the same county. Whittier is in Los Angeles County. I’m not quite sure you what point you are making, but carry on.

      • Zander Tait

        Many years ago, whilst standing at a bus stop waiting for one of Stagecoach’s finest, a very well dressed woman in her twenties approached me and asked, “is there a bus due”?

        I replied, “I am not a Jew”.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Have you thought about performing at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Zander? I’d say your joke’s funnier than last year’s Dave Channel-sponsored ‘Best Joke’ courtesy of Laura Rose Treen.

          To wit: ‘I started dating a zookeeper, but it turned out he was a cheetah.’

          If you ask me, that’s less funny than Kirsty Wark’s cellulite. They really must be living on thin gruel up there. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Cavery. Quite possibly, although I don’t see what’s anti-semitic about Zander’s joke – surely it’s just wordplay?

            Correction to previous comment: Last year’s ‘Best Joke’ award-winning comic should be Lorna Rose Treen, not Laura. Sorry Lorna. Anyway, with material like this, perhaps our host should risk returning to his hometown in summer and booking a slot at the Gilded Balloon or wherever:


            I have no idea, but if forced to guess, I’d say the Marchioness of Cholmondeley could be fractionally in front, which may represent a change from her customary position. There’s been a couple random puff pieces about her in the ‘quality’ press of late – could it be that the Great British public are being buttered up to accept the Marchioness (so to speak)? I wonder if any other Royals apart from the Princess of Wales will be requiring abdominal surgery in the not-too-distant future. You can get a whole routine out of this stuff. It’s not for the children – though these days most of them will have seen far worse on their phones.

  • David Warriston

    In the interview Craig tackled the question of why Israeli governments enjoy such widespread support within western politics. His explanation was reasonable but I think overlooks two issues. The first is the mea culpa of a genocide being carried out upon European soil in the 1940s. The second is that by commemorating that genocide some of the inherited guilt can be assuaged and indeed turned to political advantage.

    International Holocaust Day is a fairly recent arrival on the political calendar and one I supported on its introduction. In fact the term ‘Holocaust’ was rarely used when I was a student but is now part of common discourse. However I have encountered senior school students who have visited Auschwitz and are unaware of which army liberated the camp in January of 1945. When asked why Great Britain entered the war in 1939 it is fairly common to hear that it was to save Jews being killed in death camps. This lack of knowledge was exploited recently when the very country whose troops liberated Auschwitz- Russia (USSR)- was denied the right to attend the commemoration ceremony in Poland whilst those countries who supplied the camp personnel- mainly Germany- were welcome guests.

    So, to support Israel is to condemn the Holocaust and end up on the right side of history. Anything less and you are a Holocaust denier and are on the wrong side on history. That’s been the crude binary choice for some time but as Craig indicates in this interview it is now eroding given events in Gaza and the western response to that genocide.

    • Townsman

      When asked why Great Britain entered the war in 1939 it is fairly common to hear that it was to save Jews being killed in death camps.

      That was false, of course. The plan to murder millions of Jews was not hatched until 1942.
      The original plan was to expel the Jews from Germany and settle them somewhere in the east, in what is now Ukraine – that is why the concentration camps were in the east of Poland.

      • Mr Mark Cutts


        No European countries wanted to take any Jewish people into their countries, I think and part of the history of Israel as a State is rooted in that prejudice.

        Oh and by the way – it was useful to have a Local Police Station to keep an eye on the Arabs and particularly the Oil. Despite at the time Israel not having any of their own oil.

        They have now (is it called The Goliath something – not sure) and according to RT (Putin’s State Broadcaster, so we are not allowed to believe it – surely?) there is a big stash of oil/gas under parts of the Gaza Strip and out in the sea.

        I also heard the Palestinian Authority owns the rights to search and drill for said oil/gas.

        But let’s say there is a ‘One State Solution’ and the Palestinians cease to exist as a people and a State? Who owns the rights to the oil/gas then?

        All fanciful and Conspiratorial of course. But I don’t work for the BBC. Or RT come to that. That means I tend to think a bit.

      • will moon

        Townsman the original plan was to kill 50 million Slavs and treat the rest as the British treated non-whites or how the European settlers treated the First Nations peoples in America – kill most and destroy the leadership. Then one can do what one likes. This would allow the establishment of an Aztec-like empire on the plains of Eurasia.The Jews were to be expelled – Madagascar was one of the putative locations discussed as well as the location you mention. Don’t forget Britain and America armed Hitler with hi tech military patents/technology and provided him with the cash to build a 60 division army. Remember too the Herman Goering quote “ I decide who is a Jew”. Maybe so, but everyone knew who the Slavs were.

        In the end the Nazi scum only managed to kill 30 million or so Slavs before their genocidal Western racial hubris was checked and then destroyed by the Red Army while the Brits and Americans watched from the sidelines, Note only about 8 million military personnel died so about 20 million Soviet citizens were put to death by the emissaries of Western values.

    • U Watt

      European guilt for the Holocaust is an invention of the late sixties. In this brilliant lecture Pankaj Mishra details how the Holocaust was largely ignored in the decades after the war until it very suddenly started to be exploited by Israel and western elites. Even Jewish groups made little reference to it or downplayed it.


      Mishra goes on to argue that the current situation in Gaza represents a moral and political crisis that threatens to unravel the post-WW2 global order based on human rights and the prevention of genocide.

      His lecture has also been published in the current edition of the LRB.


      • will moon

        Thanks U Watt best thing I have read in a while – clear, simple, moving.

        To finish on the point he does, to reconstitute the universal meaning of the Shoah, has moved me. My knowledge of this event is focused on the first killings perpetrated by the Einsatzgruppen and their various ethnic collaborators, by gunshot and club – maybe accounting for 1-2 million people. I spent a couple of years reading this story in some detail. Once one perceives the barbarity of systematised mass murder, the lesson has been learnt. Mishra’s thoughtful essay has reminded me of the thoughts and feelings I had whilst doing that reading

  • Melrose

    Congratulations, Mr Murray. Everything you say is perfectly articulated, and you make your points in a very convincing way.
    Besides, it sounds like you have finally cured that protracted sinusitis! Nothing beats a good microphone…
    700 views in just 2 days, very impressive. Switzerland is a perfect home away from home. So please excuse their French…

  • U Watt

    Nothing in my lifetime has been more clarifying of what western “liberal democracies” really are as their coordinated response on the day the ICJ ruled plausible genocide. In a desperate bid to suppress what they and Israel are doing to women and children in Gaza western governments took the “moral high ground” against the United Nations, by denying food to already starving people. The intercontinental conspiracy was among politicians but their client media were equally complicit.

    The conspiracy could hardly have been more degenerate and may be as crystal-clear a revelation of who these people really are as we will ever be allowed to see. They hope nobody really noticed and the media will try and ensure nobody remembers.

    It is vital to remember who they are. They showed us. Believe them.

    • Allan Howard

      In a statement to the General Assembly on March 4th the Commissioner Gerneral of UNRWA said the following (reproduced on UNRWA’s website):

      On January 18, one week before the International Court of Justice ruling, the Israeli authorities informed me that 12 out of 30,000 UNRWA staff were allegedly involved in the horrific attacks of October 7.


      Given their form, it’s more-than-likely a Big Lie, concocted and contrived for the obvious reason, but I wonder what he was thinking at the time and in the following few days. I mean surely he was expecting it to be passed on to the media at any moment, and must have been surprised as the days passed by that it wasn’t. And no doubt BN and Co knew that, and as the days passed, had him and his UNRWA colleagues thinking that perhaps the Israelis intended to keep it a private matter. Little did he/they know that they were going to wait until a few hours after the court ruling to release the information to the media (and the media full of it all over the weekend) and, in turn, the world. I bet BN and Co were having fits of laughter in the intervening days in respect of their ruse and deception. And another point of course is that it is inconceivable that Israel would leave it until after they’d passed it on to the media before asking donors to suspend their funding. And yet THAT is how it played out, in effect. I have little doubt that the US and the UK and more than a few other countries were in on the ruse from the outset – ie even BEFORE the Commissioner General was informed.

      Anyway, came across the following last night which, as far as I’m aware, is now his second batch:

      Mehdi Hasan Debunks 7 Israeli Myths About UNRWA (5 mins)


      • Allan Howard

        Came across the following in my inbox earlier from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which is very interesting, although I doubt there are many people – if any – who follow Craig who believe it had been closed down:

        Under any other name… COINTELPRO is alive and well in 2024 by Craig McKee:


        Although it’s 9/11 specific, there’s an extensive list of ploys that ‘truth activists’ should be on the lookout for towards the end of the article, some that I have either experienced (been the target of) or witnessed myself, mainly on one particular left-wing blog. I could give literally hundreds of examples, but I’ll relate just one – ie that whenever I posted about the ‘Salisbury Poisonings’ – which I’ve done on a few occasions during the past few years – the same regular every-day in practically every thread poster would post a reply to my comment, and usually within 5/10 minutes of me posting it, saying blah, blah, blah, conspiracy theories etc, and never once adressed the points I was making, for example, that it is inconceivable that two people who had come into contact with a nerve agent several hours earlier would become incapacitated in exactly the same moment.

      • Allan Howard

        And here’s the Guardian article that Mehdi Hasan cites in one of the myths he debunks in relation to UNRWA:

        ‘US intelligence casts doubt on Israeli claims of UNRWA-Hamas links, report says’

        According to the Wall Street Journal, the intelligence report, released last week, assessed with “low confidence” that a handful of staff had participated in the attack, indicating that it considered the accusations to be credible though it could not independently confirm


  • Melrose

    I’m not sure what they call a “Tour d’Horizon” in France, but it must be noted that, next to Switzerland, that country seems to gradually shift towards a more responsible approach to the Gaza ongoing drama.
    All other topics seem superficial when thousands of innocent people – and many children – are starved to death, if not plainly shot.
    There’ll be plenty of time to discuss connected issues, but here, there is an overwhelming urgency.

  • DavidH

    Thank you, Mr Murray. That was definitely worth watching the whole way through. We don’t get enough “long-form” discussion. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I feel much enriched having heard it.

    One point I don’t see is why we have to consider this “Do you condemn Hamas?” as some kind of scary, trick question. Surely we can both condemn any kind of atrocities that took place on 7th October, and at the same time stand absolutely against what Israel is doing afterwards.

    • Reza

      “what Israel [and the USA, Britain, Germany, the EU et al are] doing”

      What’s being done to Gaza is a joint enterprise genocide.

    • Tom Welsh

      But, considering that Hamas is the legally elected government of Gaza, one might ask, “Do you condemn Israel?”

      After all, Israel has deliberately and knowingly murdered hundreds of times more civilians than Hamas has. Although admittedly not nearly as many as the US and UK governments.

  • Tom74

    The reason no mainstream politician can criticise Israel is, I suspect, because it is basically a vassal state of the United States. ‘Antisemitism’ is just a cover so that our media can befuddle people into looking everywhere else than the United States, which controls British foreign policy. Corbyn wasn’t allowed to win in 2019 because he was a life-long opponent of American foreign policy.

    • will moon

      “ Corbyn wasn’t allowed to win in 2019 because he was a life-long opponent of American foreign policy.”

      Disagree Tom74 – Corbyn was not allowed to win because he was unable to be controlled by indiscretions in his private life. The attack had to be fought on his political opinions and his competency regarding the manufactured allegations from Israeli assets in Britain – both covert and open

      If I saw Regev (former Israeli Ambassador to our country) I would attempt a citizen’s arrest. After watching “the Lobby” l concluded Israel is a hostile state – why should a “subhuman” like Regev be allowed to decide who governs Britain or anything about British political matters – the guy is a very serious criminal who should be facing prosecution in Britain and international arrests warrants issued by Interpol on British request to prevent this “human animal” from being able to travel and spread his disgusting anti-democratic and now genocidal bile.

    • will moon

      Tom74 – thought experiment

      Imagine if clips emerged of the Russian ambassador to Britain plotting to attack Brit politicians with the help of other Brit politicians and dispensing millions in cash to people like Joan Ryan, a then MP to set up fake political groups whose aims was to further Russian subversion of British politics – weakening Britain and strengthening Russia.

      The fact that Ms Ryan faced no punishment for her treachery – a treasonous criminal talking about her crimes on video – tells me your contention about Corbyn and America is not correct – it is Corbyn’s criticism of Israel and his support for Palestine which explains his treatment at the hands of the traitors in the British Establishment and the various members of Israeli “intelligence” who operate freely in “the Mother of All Parliaments” and it’s immediate environs

      Note to British police officers and those in military “intelligence”, GCHQ etc – are you all traitors too?

  • zoot

    you claim at the 1:05:00 mark that Palestinians almost certainly killed babies and raped women on October 7th. yet ever since that day Israel and its allies have been desperately trying to convince the world that their genocide is justified. why would they withhold all evidence of these crimes you allege? 

    make it make sense.

  • Jack

    Very odd and crass move that Russia OK’d swapping Navalny with russians in US prisons.
    Navalny was born in Russia, he was an ethnic russian, it is senseless to swap such an indivual and it would also prove that he (apparently) was a powerful figure in Russia that the russian government indeed wanted to get rid of.
    Putin says he supported idea to release Navalny as part of prisoner exchange

    • Mr Mark Cutts


      It’s nice to witness Navalny’s ever-loving wife voting in Berlin and maybe spoiling her ballot slip.

      The breathless Sky News reporter was following the new hero of The West and she just managed to get a quote from the grieving widow which was the equivalent of “Stay Strong Hun” wherein people who don’t know you (or actually don’t care – but it makes you look like kind person) utter meaningless stupidities like that. Keeps the payments coming I suppose.

      Talking of Navalny’s demise:

      The initial talk in the MSM was that he had been killed with Novichok and that the Russian Coroner wouldn’t release his body because a cover-up had to happen.

      Now – if Nevalny’s supporters had any sense they would have demanded a private second opinion autopsy surely before they buried him after his body was released?

      The question is: did they, and was the result (as the Russian Coroner said) or is it possible, even in the minds of the hysterical Western media) that you really can remove Novichok from a dead body?

      There seems to be silence on the initial unproven accusations. Then again, when an MSM Pet Theory goes wrong then you never hear about it again.

      We are now on the next one re: ‘Sham’ Elections in Russia. Can’t wait for the US and UK elections as the MSM won’t know which words mean what and where to place them in their articles.

      In fact if Trump threatens to pull out of NATO the English may have to dig around for some French words to describe the state of affairs (very precise on legal matters the French).

      President Macron can be their guide on that; he speaks near perfect English and he speaks French – which will come in handy on the pages of the Democratic-supporting Guardian.

      It would be even more amusing if Trump banned the Guardian – at least we would die laughing.

    • pretzelattack

      or maybe, just maybe he was willing to trade him to free one or more Russians. Navalny was no threat, but the West loved him like they love the neonazis in Ukraine.

      • Mr Mark Cutts


        I also heard that Navalny not was not very keen on Ukranians but in order for the payments to arrive from his operators he had to go back to Russia.

        I would refer you to: Redacted Tonight and Natalie’s analysis.

        It is a strange thing, as The Republican websites tend to have the best and informative stories and info around the Web.

        Natalie did a very interesting expose of Navalny which basically concluded that he did it for the money.

        His grieving Widow has taken up the money (sorry, ’cause’) and is the new darling of the anti-Putin West.

        Scott Ritter is opinionated (I don’t always agree with what he says) but what he says is usually very interesting.

        I find very little out from European or the UK websites these days – the American sites are at least thought provoking.

  • Alyson

    Hi Craig – you are a gem and the world is a better place for what you do. I disagree with your summary of the situation in Egypt, however. The people of Egypt wanted British style democracy. The Arab Spring was meant to achieve this. The Muslim Brotherhood however was Saudi funded and there was no other choice on the ballot. The men thought they would be their brothers but Isis was coming over Sinai. Tourist buses were being attacked. Women were no longer allowed out unsupervised and could no longer work. Christians were attacked. The people wished they had kept Mubarak. They saw that the alliance of Israel, Saudi and US had crucified their economy. There was no fuel for vehicles but oil was being taken from offshore of Alexandria. They saw that The Arab Spring was a manipulation into weakness and vulnerability, and so they were cowed and Sisi was better than Morsi because he kept out the violent bands of Saudi terrorists.
    People were very thin and hungry. Women’s rights were gone. The shock and disappointment at the betrayal by countries they had admired was ground shaking.