Will other BBC lies and manipulation of news now be investigated?

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    Note that it is proven that Martin Bashir faked some documents, and that the BBC establishment probably knew this to be the case but allowed him to proceed for the sake of sensational journalism, will there be further investigations about BBC manipulations and staging of news and events? Two other Panorama ‘documentaries’ come to mind: Saving Syria’s children and Is Labour Antisemitic?
    The first is fully critiqued on this blog and this one. A third fabricated as pointed out by Craig Murray about the Skripal documentary.

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    It looks as if Martin Bashir and others in the BBC will be scapegoated in the battle between various factions of the establishment. But the real truth about fact manipulations by the BBC especially when it is related to foreign policy will not be discussed.

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    Weird….that government is concerned over Diana interview….but hypocritically funds BBC by millions and millions to continue its own propaganda aims… it is this link that needs to be broken…eg whitehelmets, integrity initiative. The FCOD leaks by anonymous…and the new proposals. I have no idea why this usage of tax payers money cannot be publicly challenged.

    £8 million package announced today is for 2021/22 and will go towards the BBC World2020 Program to promote accurate, impartial news around the world this additional £8 million brings the total FCDO funding for the World2020 Programme to £94.4 million. The £8 million consists of £3million to tackle disinformation and a further £5 million to reach further audiences and improve digital engagement since 2016, the FCDO has invested over £378 million via the World2020 Programme, which has contributed towards a 40% increase over four years in weekly audience reach across World Service channels to 351 million people a week, in particular in India and across Africa.

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    Much as Radio 4 Andrew Gilligan sexed up dossiers was used by the Blair Government to subsequently silence dissent about the lies of the Iraq war pretenses, this will now be used to make the BBC even more careful at exposing any government more establishment misdemeanors.

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