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    How long am I going to be banned for a harmless joke? It’s been 6 weeks now.

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    It may have been a harmless joke to you, Node, but I treated your sock as new commenter; I assumed good faith. My heart sank that another commenter would wilfully ignore the point I made about language.

    Did you also post as “Social Proximity” on the Vaccines thread?

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    I see you also posted today under this new handle, but it got removed. You were told you’d be permanently banned if you did that.

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    I’ve made NO posts during my banned period other that a weekly “test” to see if the ban was over. I don’t know who Clark’s talking about but it wasn’t me. (Clark, I would appreciate it if you stopped interfering).

    Now after 6 weeks I’m openly posting using a different IP address so as to get your attention. I have no other way of doing so, and after 6 weeks I’d like to ask how long “an indeterminate period” is. Incidentally, during the banning incident I said “… and for the record, I once again made no effort to disguise my IP address …” I think this proves my point.

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    Interfering? It was me you were tricking with your “Buster” handle.

    This is the comment by “Social Proximity” I was referring to:


    I thought it might be you because you’d been using various handles, the comment agreed with and complemented a fellow conspiracy theorist which the sort of thing you’ve done repeatedlyly elsewhere, and you’d been going on about covid-19 being a hoax or trumped up or, well, basically anything other than what it seems. But if you say otherwise, that’s fine by me.

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    Node, tell me more about this conspiracy you believe in. It reminds me of The Business by Iain Banks; have you read it? How long have you believed in this conspiracy?

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    MODS, I sock-puppeted for a joke. I didn’t try to deceive moderation – I’ve proved I could have changed my IP address if I’d wanted to. I’m sticking to your conditions and not posting under an alias (except, necessarily, here). You said the ban was temporary. Please tell me how long. The punishment seems way out of proportion to the crime. Incidentally, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled “indeterminate sentences are a breach of human rights.” 🙂

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    Maybe it would help if you showed willing by engaging in conversation with one of the people you were deceiving, eg. me, to demonstrate that you’re now committed to treating them as an equal rather than a dupe and a sheeple 🙂

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    Several months ago I was given to understand that my ban for a sockpuppet joke<\em> wasn’t permanent. Please can I have an update.

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    I’ve donated to Craig’s latest appeal as I have to all his previous ones; I haven’t cancelled my small monthly donation; and I haven’t contacted Craig himself even though I once did him quite a large favour. My support for Craig is not dependent on this moderation issue.
    However you mods might reflect on whether your treatment of a long-time supporter of this blog fits the ‘crime’. Habbabkuk’s regular taunts prove how easy it is to circumvent a ban yet I’m in a worse position than him because I’m sticking to your rules.
    I’ve been told the real reason for my ban is my view on coronavirus. If that’s true you may also wonder whether Craig would endorse your action.

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    You might by now be learning what it’s like to be repeatedly and consistently ignored.

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    Tell you what Node, should I post under different credentials but the same IP address (so the mods realise it’s “just a joke”) so that it seems to you as if a second person is also pointing out the error of your ways? Or is it like military intervention; unacceptable when they do it, but our sad responsibility to the greater good when we do it?

    Maybe accepting that you did something wrong would be a more productive approach than blanking your equal whom you deceived, threatening to call in some favours from Craig, and likening the moderation to a human rights abuse.

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    I think I accidentally entered a different email address while testing if I’m still banned. I don’t really want you to have that one and I’d be grateful if you’d delete it. I’d also be grateful if you told me if my ban is permanent and if not, how long.

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    Well, it’s over 6 months now and being patient, polite, and sticking to your rules hasn’t worked. But I’ll try again. Please tell me what’s going on.

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    Craig is apparently thinking of a Christmas Amnesty. Whether it happens is up to him.

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    FYI, Node was removed from the blocklist over a week ago, and should be able to post comments now.

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    “Thanks, Mods!”


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