Daily archives: June 6, 2005

“Explain American policy in terms of freedom and democracy and you get a contradiction. Explain it in terms of oil and gas and it’s completely consistent.”

Global Echo – The New Great Game: With corporate media still tying itself in knots to justify US foreign policy, more evidence emerges to support the obvious conclusion that ‘its all about oil’… This image of a memo arrived in my inbox today, it is from Kenneth Lay (charges pending) former CEO of Enron and once heavily tipped for a cabinet position. It is a memo to non other than George W Bush when he was Governor of Texas telling him to lay out the red carpet for Ambassador Safeav of Uzebkistan. Why? Because Lay wanted a piece of a natural gas extraction and pipeline deal going down in the region.

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Fax emerges detailing Bush/Enron relationship with Uzbekistan

A fax has recently come into circulation that relates to a meeting held back in 1997 between George Bush and the Uzbek Ambassador to the USA, Sadyq Safaev. The fax was sent from Enron CEO Kenneth Lay to George Bush, who at the time was Governor of Texas.

The fax discusses a forthcoming meeting between Bush and the Ambassador where they will discuss a US$ 2 billion contract to extract and transport natural gas from Uzbekistan. Enron concludes that this should result in friendship between Texas and Uzbekistan.

Recent events seem to indicate that that friendship did indeed mature and has proven very robust! The fax is now available online and is recommended reading for those wishing to understand more about the backdrop to current events.

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