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5 thoughts on “Murder in Samarkand Published today!

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Splendid! Congratulations and I hope it is read with excruciating embarrassment in some Government quarters.

    As for the FCO, well, by their actions so ye shall know them…..

  • Jherad

    Congrats! Amazon sent me an email telling me it had been published, but wouldn't ship for another 4-6 weeks – I guess they're being as cagey as the rest. I look forward to reading it.

  • Jherad

    Looks like Amazon was just being cautious – I received my copy in the mail this morning! I'll have a good read of it tonight. Good job on the online documents.

  • Ginger Spike

    After placing my order with Amazon in March, I have finally received my copy of MIS and have scoured each page. Mr. Murray, you have changed the way I think of the US/UK unilateral (?) relationship. I am saddened to see that at the end of the day, it's just based on money. That was made unfortunately clear at the end of your book when 'all of a sudden' the British government backed your claims and apparently always did.

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