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5 thoughts on “The time is near

  • ChoamNomsky

    Although it's good news he is going, it's annoying to think he's just going to swan off to the states to collect his congressional gold medal and then go on a lucrative lecture tour.

    Instead they should give him a shovel and parachute him into Baghdad.

  • MarkW

    Isn't it ironic that the only people who have suffered from Blair's illegal Iraq invasion are: Dr. David Kelly, Greg Dyke, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Andrew Gilligan, Katherine Gunn, Flt. Lt. Malcolm Kendall-Smith and now two men, Leo O'Connor and David Keogh (a researcher and civil servant)?

    The memo about Bush wanting to paint spy planes in UN colours hasn't surfaced.

    I would have thought that the Downing Street memo wouod have been enough to send Blair to the Hague.

  • MarkW

    Re: the above.

    I was referring to the UK.

    Obviously over 500,000 excess Iraqi deaths is more important.

    The US will never leave. A $300 million 'embassy' in Baghdad with its own water, electricity, sewerage, swimming pools and shopping centres will never be relinquished, nor will a large garrison in the oil-rich Middle East.

  • johnf

    Its bizarre how obsequious and grovelling the BBC is being. The vast majority of the public just want him to go so they can forget about him – but this ludicrous pantomime of farewell and bad speeches is just going on and on. Its becoming like an East European dictatorship. Someone should look up the news's nightly audience figures. Bet they've fallen dramatically.

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