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Mr David Weill


This is Mr David Weill, a corporate adviser and former derivatives trader. He is also a barrister at the Middle Temple. If he really thinks I have perpetrated a libel, therefore, he ought to have no difficulty in undertaking legal action, rather than blustering on about it and trying to frighten me.

I am not frightfully well acquainted with the ethics of the legal profession, but I am surprised that barristers can write to people threatening them with legal action, and describing them as “a sack of crap”. Is it OK for Mr David De Jongh Weill to call me that in a communication related to proposed legal action? Can I complain to someone who regulates barristers? Any ideas?

Mr David De Jongh Weill was a man ahead of his time in making massive losses from derivatives trading, having been arguably one of the most spectacularly unsuccessful derivatives traders ever.

LORD ROTHSCHILD, one of Britain’s most eminent investors, is about to sever his connections with a Buddhist American investment manager whose $1.2bn hedge funds have embarrassed him by halving in value this year.

The funds, which are being wound down, are managed by David de Jongh Weill from Spencer House, a mansion overlooking St James’s Park that used to belong to the family of the Princess of Wales. Mr Weill’s office is rented from one of Lord Rothschild’s companies.

But Mr Weill’s rich clients have been disappointed this year by a fall of more than $600m in the value of the highly speculative funds, which bet heavily on a fall in interest rates that did not happen.

The Independent 30 January 1994


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Another Libel Threat from a Rich Mercenary

Yes again, another libel action threat on behalf of a very rich man who made cash from mercenary activity. The following comment was posted on this blog from a “Friend” of Tony Buckingham.

I believe that you are simply dragging up these old allegations to create interest and controversy to sell books – which is of course your business.

You should be aware however of the nature of the tort of defamation, specifically libel. Your lawyers can help you with this if you can’t get your head around it.

You have made derogatory comments in print that have been published about a good friend of mine, Tony Buckingham, that would by their very nature bring Tony into a negative light by any reasonable member of the public.

Your comments are wholly false. Tony is the CEO of a FTSE 250 company, a man of integrity, and a supporter of western democracy. You should expect to be contacted by attorneys in due course.

You may think that you know better than the FSA and numerous other regulators and agencies. In my opinion however, you are just a sack of crap.

David Weill


Tony Buckingham is a man who masterminded, funded and made money from mercenary operations in Africa that killed a lot of people. Their aim was to gain physical control of blood oil

and blood diamonds by armed force. They were conducted under legal sanction from corrupt governments.

I love Mr Weill’s idiotic comment that I believe I may know better than the FSA. Obviously that would be impossible. I mean the Financial Services Authority has plainly done a superb job of policing the City of London, preventing the participation of ill-willed individuals or of any unwise practices that might undermine confidence in the market. The FSA is plainly a huge success – how could anyone know better about anything?

It would be a great pity if Mr Weill’s intervention caused people to start googling, researching and posting about the eminently respectable Mr Tony Buckingham, CEO of an FTSE 250 company. Some people, of course, may believe that the fact that someone like Buckingham can be CEO of an FTSE 250 company is symptomatic of the fundamental sickness of the system.

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