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So now the government are training a Stasi of 60,000 selected nutters to spy on potential terrorists. The government is still trailing in the opinion polls, so we have Home Secretary Jacqui Smith taking a break from filling in expense claims on her sister’s home, to warn us a terror attack is “Very likely”.

Listen up everybody. You have more chance of winning first prize in the National Lottery than you have of being killed by a terrorist. On average, each year in the past decade approximately 150 people drown in their own bath in the UK. On average, each year in the past decade approximately eight people are killed in the UK by terrorists. One death is too many, but it is one of the very least likely ways you might die. Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith are trying to panic you for political reasons. Your kettle, your stepladder, a kitchen cupboard falling on your head, all much more likely to kill you than a terrorist. Terrorists do exist, but they are much, much less dangerous than your staircase.

Two excellent comments, one from Gerard Mulholland posted on the BBC website:

For 30 years we -under both Labour and Tory governments- combated serious, organised US-financed Irish terrorism.

We lost 3000 civilians and 2000 soldiers.

We had car bombs.

We had truck bombs.

We had pub bombs.

We had shopping-centre bombs.

We had letter-box bombs.

We had shoot-outs.

We had sieges.

We were mortared.

We didn’t panic.

Nu-Labour are panic-stricken wimps, stampeded into unbelievable panic.

They stir up fear and dread.

Stupid Al Qa’ida nutters aren’t the enemy.

Nu-Labour is.

One from Anticant on this website

I’m old enough to remember the Blitz in WW2, when 40,000 people were killed in a single year. They [my parents’ generation] just got on with their lives and said “sod it” when a bomb fell. They didn’t scare themselves witless with phantom plots and plotters like this daft lot, who resemble kids at hallowe’en giving themselves cheap thrills with pumpkin bogies.

Yes, there IS a threat – but this government doesn’t seem to have the least clue as to what it actually is. They can’t see that they are a large part of the problem, not the answer. That is what really scares me.

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59 thoughts on “Terrorist Scare No. 372 Bollocks

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  • JimmyGiro

    An army of 60,000 informants; sounds like the WI to me.

    I wonder if they do a line of panty-liners with swastikas for the waffen-WI elite force?

  • hawley

    This point about the false-flag nature of the terror atrocities around the world is a crucial one. If you believe the major attacks were carried out by Muslim extremists then you may sympathise to some degree with the hype about security and anti-terror measures, even though you may feel the threat is grossly over-ramped.

    But if you see that we have been duped over the attacks and that they were carried out by major controlling interests in the world, then you fully understand the gravity of the threat and the ultimate danger to civilisation.

    stantial tonnage of our gold reserves, having announced what he would do, at a price that made some people shed loads of money but impoverished us, the owners. My dug, who has no inkling as to Economics would never tell anyone, me include, where he planks his bones and how many he has of them. The untility value of stocks would plummet.

    To fill in the utter unimaginably stupid litany of mad decisions this clown has done, until the the latest initiative of the establishment of a state Stasi would take more bandwith than I can afford.

    So is it all a big hand guiding these events, the big hand of the anti Adam Smith?

    Maybe, for conspiracies theories are easy to expound, fit evidence around to add substance, and tend to be self feeding. One begets another, bridges are made and all too soon a matrix “appears”.

    Forget anti-divine intervention, just follow the money.

    Money = power = money.

    So is there a conspiracy about?

    Yes, but not remote control of planes flying into buildings, not steel melting (aviation fuel can incinerate metal and humans too—there was a family in Lockerbie which was vaporised due to the intensity of the aviation fuel dumped on their house), it is all about money.

    Follow the money trail and if you can’t ask yourself who stands to gain from the events.

    If there is a group of particular people or organisations who appear again and again then we have an idea of who is at the centre.

    They are not the spawn of Satan. They are just a bunch of filthy rich opportunistic internationalists capitalists who view The World as their personal fiefdom. They don’t control the minutiae of The World Order any more than Hitler held the front keys to Dachau or Milosovic pulled the trigger at the side of every mass grave in Yugoslavia.

    They make the language, that is all, the wolves see personal advancement of localised power or opportunity for self enrichment.

    The sheep acquiesce.

    It has always been so.

    Read Subsosa blog concerning Muslims and just change a few words around to get another perspective on what I have written


    Just cut and paste into your browser

  • MJ

    “I have had a cynical attitude to all the conspiracy theories, alien abductions, black magic, Knights Templar, Holy Grail theories and unholy alliances”.

    How they must chuckle when they see their cynical stunts lumped together with these other things.

    “there was a family in Lockerbie which was vaporised due to the intensity of the aviation fuel”

    But the plane wasn’t.

    “conspiracies theories are easy to expound, fit evidence around to add substance, and tend to be self feeding”

    Precisely the same can be said about the official account of 9/11, itself a conspiracy theory of sorts.

  • Faux Cul

    Yes, parts of the plane also diappeared, ie vaporised.

    Aluminium will ignite above 60 Celsius and given good oxygen supply, as in a furnace or fllin doon through the atmosphere alongside burning aviation fuel, will do so exothermically.

    If you don’t believe me just find out what German Pyrotechnic Powder is.

    I had a few meeting with the BAA re making airbridges. The specification was that the inside on the corridor should not go above a certain temperature should there be a certain temperature on the outside layer.

    Trouble was that a real fire with aviation fuel would melt and ignite the aluminium. Meaningless specification.

    Ever seen a plane that caught fire on the ground?

    A dump of aviation fuel even without aluminium would have caused a fire so hot that everything that was not inert would have been vaporised.

  • MJ

    Faux Cul:

    Crashed planes almost always leave wreckage. They tend not to disappear into thin air, as happened with four consecutive planes on 911.

    However, don’t be too fixated on aluminium and kerosene. There’s so much other evidence to marvel at. Ponder for instance the mysterious collapse of WTC7; the vast pools of molten steel that remained molten for weeks after the event; the anomalous device attached to the underside of UA 175, the second plane; Cheney’s stand down order in respect of intercepting AA 77, as reported to the 911 Commission hearings; the 1200% above average Put Options, re AA and UA, purchased on Sept 10; the bizarre ‘coincidence’ that the US military was conducting an exercise in respect of precisely the same scenario of events at precisely the same time. I could go on. Believe me, aluminium and kerosene are just scratching the surface.

  • MJ

    And while we’re about it, remind yourself also of the evidence supporting the official account. Let’s see: there was that passport found in the rubble (do you have any theories concerning burning kerosene and paper?). There was that holdall containing pilots’ uniforms, flying manuals and a copy of the Koran. There was that other holdall containing wills, a letter, flying manuals and a copy of the Koran. And that’s about it. Are you quite sure you don’t believe in alien abductiond, black magic etc?

  • JimmyGiro

    Maybe we the unemployed can help the government out by adding ‘Terrorist’ as part of our JobSeekers Agreement:





    Then when the government decides to make laws that don’t thwart the employment of men, they can claim to have reduced terrorism by a significant margin.

  • opmoc

    Whilst I do not want to comment on Terrorist Scare No. 372 Bollocks – because I think it is a load of bollocks I will comment on the UK University Education system.

    To be honest I was completely Inspired. My 18 year old daughter had already chosen which University she wanted to go to – but then got a letter from them saying she could no longer do all of the course that she had been offered.

    Meanwhile – she gets what I personally consider to be a far better offer from a far better University.

    So we spent the day there…

    And 5 different presentations within a space of 3 hours – all of which were totally brilliant. We were showed round the campus – and we discovered the old beautiful town ourselves – and the off campus accommodation.

    Now – it is completely do-able – and because we are both retired our income is such that she should get quite a reasonable grant and quite likely a bursary.

    I said to her – well – if you don’t want to accept such a brilliant offer – then I will go instead.

    I might be an old fart – but I have already covered much of the subject matter.

    Maybe I should go back and teach some of it instead.

    I do appreciate that the main reason to go to University is to have fun – and stretch your mind in such a way that you don’t realise what you really learnt until many years later.


  • KevinB

    Faux Cul: –

    Quote”….aviation fuel can incinerate metal.”

    Absolute rubbish!

  • opmoc

    Quote”….aviation fuel can incinerate metal.”

    Quote “Rubbish”

    Well aviation fuel is basically paraffin.

    When I was a kid – I not only had to make up a coal fire in an old iron fireplace – and we also had a pair of blacksmith bellows. Feed a fuel such as coal with an intense concentrated stream of oxygen – then you can achieve incredibly high temperatures – ask a blacksmith

    But I also had to do the decorating and burn off paint with a blow lamp – who’s fuel was paraffin.

    If you mix paraffin – with an extremely intense stream of oxygen – you will certainly be able to reach sufficient temperatures to melt some metals – if you try really hard.

    But I guess your question is about 9/11.

    The answer is that it was done like this



  • Jason

    Nice story. Did you also catch the fact that the training was 3 hours – half the amount of time of a cycling proficiency test. That does sort of beg the question of whether the actual objective is just to recruit people for later use.


    Also, the 3 hours thing may just be a piece of misdirection. You have to be careful about the ‘bumbling government’ stories, as they are extremely useful to those in power, who are quite happy for the Publick to labour under the misapprehension of an incompetent ruling party.

    As for 9/11 people, they hijack common sense in exactly the same way other people hijacked planes. They then fly common sense into the twin towers of Absurdity and Repetition, to no effect other than to Bemuse and Bore their fellow earthlings.

  • nobody

    Aluminium? What? This was steel. Anyone can melt aluminium. I’ve done it.

    You can have all the kerosene you like (pair of bellows or no) and you won’t turn steel to liquid. It’s high pressure industrial furnaces, oxy/acetylene, or forget about it. But even they couldn’t impart enough heat to keep the steel molten underground for months.

    The ONLY thing that can pull that off is thermite.

  • eddie

    Craig, Glad to note in your final paragraph that there IS a threat from terrorism. For a minute there I was thinking that perhaps we had never had any bombs in this country. I would love to see you make your case to the relatives of those who died on 7/7. You sound rather like Lord Halifax or Francis Partridge in 1938.

  • craig


    Terrorism – any terrorism – is as appalling as the namw implies. But you follow John Reid in comparing the current terrorist threat to WW2. It is plainly completely diproportionate.

  • Jives

    It’s all absolute bollox…as is the shambolic idiotic War On turr,Inc…i believe 911,7/7,Glasgow Airport to be inside jobs and these events have given psychopathic incompetent buffons/dark actors and agencies licence to get away with any amount of horror they want…

    Stasiland to the max now…i see in the “news” today that councils have employed RIPA powers over 10,000 times…these investigatory powers were meant to be applied for terrorism but have routinely been abused to enforce dog-fouling,littering etc..a snoopers charter indeed.

    Jacqui Smith is a charlatan…3hours “training”-including coffee breaks for these bull$hit anti-Turr,Inc courses?…absolute gold-plated bollox but so characteristic of shambolic,opportunistic PR bollox NuLabour…

    Apparently our public servants on these courses are taught(brainwashed) to be alert to “people wth cameras..people who stare a things -or look away quickly..” Well that’s most of the population with mobile phones for a start…

    What a load of absolute BOLLOX it all is…

    Even the spooks know it but hey,empires are being built..career$ fa$hioned…Kerching!

    21st century UK?

    What a pathetic state of affairs.

  • Jon

    @anticant – I agree entirely with the sentiment in your first comment on this post, and you sum it up very well. There is the same dichotomy over the television license fee – public service broadcasting needs to be supported, but suddenly the Licensing folks have started to believe that it is acceptable to use Orwellian advertising language such as “we know where you live” and “everyone is in our database”. This is a difficult one for me, as whilst I am not a big fan of the Beeb, I often think the commercial/conglomerate alternative would be worse from a bias perspective.

    @eddie – in the same way as you seem to want to magnify the threat of terrorism to fit your political beliefs, so it seems you think that all victims of the 7/7 atrocity should follow suit. You must therefore not know what to make of Rachel North and John Tulloch, both survivors, and both opposed to the oppressive legislation and the fear agenda that 7/7 has enabled.

  • joe90 kane

    In 2001, al-Qaida were based in Afghanistan. While they are still active there, core al-Qaida has shifted across the border into Pakistan. More than two-thirds of the plots threatening the UK are linked to Pakistan.

    – Prime Minister Gordon Brown

    Two-thirds of active bullshit in the UK originates from New Labour, First about Iraq, then Afghanistan, but has now shifted across the border to Pakistan.

    The other main source of bullshit in the UK is the unaccountable and undemocratic British Secretive Services –

    MI5 tracking ’30 UK terror plots’

    British Ministry of Propaganda and Light Entertainment

    10 Nov 2006

    Terrorism threat in UK ‘growing’

    British Ministry of Propaganda and Light Entertainment

    09 Nov 2009

    In only 2 years, the threat levels of bullshit eminating from New Labour’s cloaca maximus have increased from ‘Iraqi WMD’ to ‘Desparate to keep economics out of the news and win the next election’

  • joe90 kane


    I didn’t realise CM’s comments don’t accept html formatting.

    Here are those two links again –

    The other main source of bullshit in the UK is the unaccountable and undemocratic British Secretive Services –

    MI5 tracking ’30 UK terror plots’

    British Ministry of Propaganda and Light Entertainment

    10 Nov 2006


    Terrorism threat in UK ‘growing’

    British Ministry of Propaganda and Light Entertainment

    09 Nov 2009http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7718240.stm

    all the best!

  • George Dutton

    29 March 2009

    “The home secretary, Jacqui Smith, apologised today for an expenses claim which included adult films watched by her husband Richard Timney.”

    “Smith said she mistakenly submitted an expenses claim which included five pay-per-view films, including two adult movies which were viewed at her family home in her Redditch constituency.”…


  • Jaded

    Some of the poweful schemers in the world may well believe in the Occult. I’m always openminded, but I would tend to believe it more than not. I think it’s an ego and identity thing. They have to have some foundation to legitimise their ridiculous amount of power to themselves. 9/11 and 7/7 definitely were orchestrated. I think Blair knew about 7/7. I don’t know if many more in our government did. It makes me sick really. You want conspiracy? Think about Robin Cook and John Smith. Rsearch the Bilderberg group and look at who attended their annual meetings and later rose to power. It’s simply astonishing. It just can’t be. Attend a meeting and become a national leader! That’s democracy is it? LOL. The 60,000 civilian force is certainly dodgy. I’m just rambling a bit here. Anyhow, look in the media over the next year for increased talk of political, economic, social moves towards globalisation all over the world. That is on the agenda. Oh, and loads of them are paedophiles too. All the best to all of you.

  • truth through the curtain

    at last some 1 said the probability for a terrorist homocide. iv been tring to tell people that your are more likily to die from a accident than a terrorist but they spout the goverment propaganda back at me without any other evidence…… but its easy to convince them to the truth when you tell them the real statistics……….

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