Terrorist Scare No. 372 Bollocks 59

So now the government are training a Stasi of 60,000 selected nutters to spy on potential terrorists. The government is still trailing in the opinion polls, so we have Home Secretary Jacqui Smith taking a break from filling in expense claims on her sister’s home, to warn us a terror attack is “Very likely”.

Listen up everybody. You have more chance of winning first prize in the National Lottery than you have of being killed by a terrorist. On average, each year in the past decade approximately 150 people drown in their own bath in the UK. On average, each year in the past decade approximately eight people are killed in the UK by terrorists. One death is too many, but it is one of the very least likely ways you might die. Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith are trying to panic you for political reasons. Your kettle, your stepladder, a kitchen cupboard falling on your head, all much more likely to kill you than a terrorist. Terrorists do exist, but they are much, much less dangerous than your staircase.

Two excellent comments, one from Gerard Mulholland posted on the BBC website:

For 30 years we -under both Labour and Tory governments- combated serious, organised US-financed Irish terrorism.

We lost 3000 civilians and 2000 soldiers.

We had car bombs.

We had truck bombs.

We had pub bombs.

We had shopping-centre bombs.

We had letter-box bombs.

We had shoot-outs.

We had sieges.

We were mortared.

We didn’t panic.

Nu-Labour are panic-stricken wimps, stampeded into unbelievable panic.

They stir up fear and dread.

Stupid Al Qa’ida nutters aren’t the enemy.

Nu-Labour is.

One from Anticant on this website

I’m old enough to remember the Blitz in WW2, when 40,000 people were killed in a single year. They [my parents’ generation] just got on with their lives and said “sod it” when a bomb fell. They didn’t scare themselves witless with phantom plots and plotters like this daft lot, who resemble kids at hallowe’en giving themselves cheap thrills with pumpkin bogies.

Yes, there IS a threat – but this government doesn’t seem to have the least clue as to what it actually is. They can’t see that they are a large part of the problem, not the answer. That is what really scares me.

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59 thoughts on “Terrorist Scare No. 372 Bollocks

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  • anticant

    Until a year or so ago I had a neighbour who hailed from South Africa. He thought he was the neighbourhood knowall, but in fact was the neighbourhood busybody. He talked incessantly to everybody, and then relayed his discoveries about their private business to anyone who would listen. We wondered whether back home he had been a BOSS spy, and took good care not to let him know anythong about us we didn’t want him to. No doubt he’s already an eager recruit to Wacky Jacqui’s 60,000 and is busily policing the Devon village where he now lives.

    What’s so sad about all this is that even during WW2, when everyone was aware of the need for responsible discretion, government spying was held in contempt. Mass Observation – a worthy early exercise in sociological fact-gathering – was scathingly dubbed “Cooper’s Snoopers” after the then Minister of Information.

    I am appalled by the incessant official appeals on the radio to snitch on one’s neighbours, and the menacing government messages announcing that “if you are a benefit fraudster we are closing in on you. You will not escape us.”

    I dislike benefit fraud as much as anybody, but this type of bullying Big Brotherism isn’t the Britain I want to live in.

  • Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

    Of course, it couldn’t possibly be the case that the whole point is to create a state apparatus that can throttle public dissent?

    As people feel the impact of the ‘Global Economic Crisis’ on their personal lives; as people realise the economic and social cost of proxy wars; as people rebel against a ‘democracy’ where politicians jump through hoops at the behest of those who fund their political campaigns – a Sasi-like network of informers will prove very useful.

  • Stephen


    You’re scaring me. Kettles are more dangerous than terrorism? That does it. No more tea for me. On another note, I was thinking of solving everything by moving to Sweeden, because I’m told that, for some reason, they don’t have so much trouble with terrorism. Is that because their kettles are safer? Help me with this. I know that their Volvos are very safe. Maybe they design for safety in general. Sorry. I’m easily confused.


  • anticant

    A Swedish blogger says that there are now spasmodic “communal disturbances” in some Swedish towns. These don’t get reported in the UK media

  • Ruth

    Is the government using powerful, coercive means to directly control UK society through its 60,000 informants?

    It very much looks like it. There’s a very strong resemblance to what happened in Nazi Germany where an army, estimated to be of about 100,000, spies and informants operated throughout the country, reporting to Nazi officials the activities of any critics or dissenters.

    To disguise the similarity all the government needs now is to arrange a few bombs to go off so we’re all living in fear of ‘terrorists’ rather than our own government.

  • anticant

    While I don’t entirely disagree with you, Ruth, I believe it’s far more likely that the majority in government and official circles are genuinely scared and believe in their own scenario. While it may well be that some rogue elements are planning another ‘inside job’ like 9/11 almost certainly was and 7/7 may well have been in order to ratchet up the public fear and pave the way for more authoritarian control, my assessment is that most of the politicians in and out of government are merely ‘useful idiots’ in the affair.

    All this stems from the mendacity and spin of the Blair/Alastair Campbell era, when for years we were all fed shameless lies for New Labour’s party advantage. This ghastly government bears the chief responsibility for debauching our political life. It’s not going to be easy to recover credibility and integrity, and I salute Craig and the few [so far] others who are putting themselves on the line to do so.

  • AlexT

    I spent 10 years living in London during which time I missed the Kings Cross fire by 5 minutes and was close by to several IRA bombs when they exploded. I never felt in any danger and never witnessed anyone else panic. I certainly didn’t live in fear of terrorism. My local pub was frequented by republicans who would come round with a bucket every now and then for ‘donations’, I never felt threatened drinking in there, even though everyone knew I was English and was frequently joined by mates from the Paras and Ghurkas.

    I was working on a building site close to the Bishopsgate bomb, the next day one of the more enterprising lads on our site bought a job lot of new hard hats from one of our suppliers and stood outside Liverpool street station selling them to bankers for £10 each, he made a fortune.

    I am afraid that something is beng cooked up for the G20 that the government will use as an excuse to prevent any future demonstrations in the capital on the grounds that they are a terrorist target and it is too difficult for the police to ‘protect’ the public. I am not scared of asian men with beards, but I am scared of my own government.

  • researcher

    While obviously terrorism against the West has been hyped out of proportion since the 9-11 agenda was launched, unfortunately the potential for “dark actors playing games”, as David Kelly called them, includes a “mass-casualty producing event” (as the Neocons call it). Mass killings and genocide have been executed on orders of the “financiers” still in power in Europe too.

    Cheney: If Obama changes Bush’s policies too much, ‘mass-casualty attacks’ are more likely to succeed. So now, as MJ explained:

    “A shudder went down my spine when I heard that Obama was offering some kind of friendly rapprochement with Iran. Sounds like the cue for some terrorist outrage that can be pinned on Iran.” so Obama gets the excuse to wage new wars, just as easily as when he got an excuse to drop Freeman who resists the suicidal Zionist agenda.

    Colin Powell and Joe Biden (See his “Mark My Words”) announced a new (false flag) attack on the West for this spring 2009.

    Anybody good in numerology, the superstitious practice of cabalistic calculation used by the secret services to fix the dates for their terror attacks to align them with an occult “magic” belief system ? Signing their deeds with it is a way to promote their new age religion and submission of the credulous to their masonic “satanic” agenda and a coming cruel-father-figure “messiah” despot.

    03-29-2009 is in March, assigned to their beloved war god Mars, 29 they reduce to 2+9=11, 2009 to 2+0+0+9=11, a key power number in their demented Cabala which is all about “power”. They think repetition augments power, so in that date they have twice 9 and twice 11.

    Of course the next wave of attacks will only be a precursor for more to come, as they plan the beginning of the economic recovery for 2010, warning that by then the nation states (and no doubt most citizens) will be robbed penniless, as announced in Athens by David Rene James de Rothschild.

  • writerman

    The reality of the terrorist threat is vastly different from the fantasy of the terrorist threat, much like the reality of the threat of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction had only the slightest connection with the real world.

    It’s important to understand that Iraq, and the methods used to manipulate and justify the invasion, were not some temporary aberration, they are the new normalcy, where our political leaders simply lie to us and know they can get away with it.

    For every Western victim of terrorism, we kill hundreds in return. The ratio is simimlar to that of the Israeli Army in Gaza, typical of classic colonial warfare. But our killing, though vastly larger in scale than any terrorist attack, is silent slaughter, it is conjured away as if by some evil, though useful magic. It almost doesn’t exist in our world.

    The war on terror is really just an excuse, an excuse to send our armies to occupy foreign territory which has strategic and economic importance for us. The war is a massive lie, designed to cover up a terrible, bloody, truth; that we are going to fight to preserve our grossly disproportionate share, and consumption, of the world’s resources, like tooth and nail.

    I think we are entering a new era of totalitarianism, and traditional ‘bourgeoise’ liberties and democracy, are no longer a useful model for the West, the velvet glove is slowly coming off the iron fist.

  • James Cranch

    What with the recent shootings in Northern Ireland, it’s interesting to compare the attitudes of New Labour to Northern Irish terror and islamist terror.

    When the shootings happened, ministers were quickly wheeled out to explain that there were only a very small number of violent people, that there was very little threat, and so on. Quite the opposite of all the high-profile news about islamists, much of which is not based on much.

    I think this explodes the statement some commentators have made that New Labour are cowardly: they’re not, they’re scheming.

  • frog2

    Apologies to all if you have already listened to this , but this is the HOC JCHR in action — audio only —

    Joint Committee on Human Rights Tuesday 3 February

    Meeting started on Tuesday 3 February at 1.45pm

    ended at 3.01pm

    UN Convention against Torture: allegations of abuse and mistreatment involving UK agents in Pakistan


    Ian Cobain, Senior Reporter, The Guardian, and Brad Adams, Director, and Ali Dayan Hasan, Senior Researcher, Asia Program, Human Rights Watch


    As with the recent Whistleblowers Video, it gives a good idea of the proceedings .


  • Stevie

    I agree James, to a large extent they haven’t got a clue what is really going on and are therefore really afraid when actual acts of terrorism take place. I don’t think Mandleson would have been going about unprotected if they really thought there was a serious threat. They are, after all, cowards. They think they are clever using the ‘threat’ of attacks so they can manipulate our pussy media. It’s another outrage the amount of taxes they are wasting chasing the alledged ‘threat’ that they themselves stoke through their illegal wars. Argh! Glad I got that off my chest…

  • anticant

    researcher –

    Aren’t there enough plausible reality-based threats to worry about without resorting fantastic speculation about the secret services timing their operations according to cabbalistic numerology?

    You’ll be telling us that Nancy Reagan is the secret head of the CIA next.

    Frankly, I find this somewhat paranoid.

  • KevinB

    anticant –

    Yes, researcher comes across as an absolute looney doesn’t he/she?

    Unfortunately once you study 9/11 and realise that the official story is provable rubbish, that this is the 9/11 conspiracy theory with by far the least credibility……and then you come across the history of false flag terrorism/the struggle between banks and elected governments for control of society/the history of Freemasonry etc….it is impossible for some justified paranoia not to set in.

    Three towers came down at almost exactly free-fall speed on 9/11. The laws of physics say this cannot happen. There is a mountain of other evidence that supports the ‘inside job’ thesis.

    9/11 and 7/7 are magic numbers as it happens…..

    …..another wooo-wooo conspiracy fact out there is that in the film the Matrix, the deepest study of deception and parallel realities yet made, Kenau Reeves character shows his passport at some point.

    His birthday on the passport is clearly shown as 11th September 2001.

    Some coincidence.

  • frog2


    I’ll keep 911 out of this ! It did lead me to look at “false flag” operations. Check out Daniel Ganser and Operation Gladio , maybe ?

  • anticant

    There’s always a grain of truth in paranoia, but we need to keep it in perspective. There’s plenty to be paranoid about these days, though.

    Most scary of all is the history of the CIA ever since it was established. I’m not anti-American – I have known many admirable Americans – but the USA’s attitude and behaviour towards the rest of the world [not to mention their rose-tinted view of themselves] never ceases to amaze me.

    A very interesting book in this regard is “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins.

  • frank verismo

    This cabala/numerology stuff is quite unnecessary to an understanding of the nuts and bolts of false flag operations. It’s almost annoying how often this stuff turns up, though. Here’s a screen shot of that Matrix passport ‘coincidence’:


    No doubt by now some here will have seen the savage beating Gordon has been receiving over at the Grauniad’s CiF section? His manful upping of the ante in the WoT has proven to be the equivalent of sticking your head up out of the trench only to find said head on the receiving end of 700 well aimed bullets:


    Talk about a hostile reception. Couldn’t resist piling on myself, though!

  • dreoilin

    You’ll have to excuse my ignorance as I’ve never seen the film. But why does it refer to Neo’s passport? Don’t tell me his nick-name was Neo.

  • nobody

    I’m grooving on all of this.

    As for Kabbalistic numerology, well…

    What with being a decades-long Time magazine reader there were any number of mad theories like this that I used to sneer at.

    I sneered at the idea of USS Liberty as being sacrificed until I saw the BBC’s Dead In The Water. (googlevideo)

    I sneered at those who described Pearl Harbour as a set-up until I saw another BBC production Sacrifice At Pearl Harbour. (googlevideo again)

    I sneered at the remote control of passenger jets until I learnt about Dov Zakheim (financial comptroller at the Pentagon when $2.3 trillion went missing; and signer of the famous PNAC ‘New Pearl Harbour’ declaration) and his System Planning Corporation’s ‘Command Transmitter System’. (google search)

    I sneered at molten steel in the WTC collapse until I saw the footage of it cascading out of the building. (youtube)

    I sneered at the McMartin childcare scandal being a satanist plot until I learned of ‘E Gary Stickel’ who proved that the stories told by the children were true.

    And now? Now, I no longer sneer at anything.

  • dreoilin

    Ok, I checked. His name was Neo, and his passport expired on 9/11.

    Now you’re making the hair stand up on the back of my neck. 🙂

  • Craig

    umm, I think perhaps you were looking for mad Kabbalist sites and found this one by mistake

  • Dodoze

    Does not the following quote from the “Strategy Document for Countering International Terrorism” reveal the mindset of the Home Secretary and her Ministerial Colleagues? In which they hold all dissent or restraint on their collective Will and cynical rectitude in contempt? Does not this Government comprise “…..those who, for whatever reason, reject the rights to which we are committed, scorn the institutions and values of our parliamentary democracy, dismiss the rule of law and promote intolerance…”.

    I don’t think these people are panicking at all. I think their gut instincts to roll forward their juggernaut of subjection, their enforced and narrow vision of conformity, would seek to diminish – and control – us all. Our thoughts, our words, our actions have become vulnerable to scrutiny for non-compliance.

    None of this is about tackling Terrorism. It never was.

  • nobody

    May I just say that if the question was whether I believe in Kabbalism or not, the answer would be no. But it’s the wrong question. The right question is, ‘Do others believe in it?’, to which the answer would be, ‘Hell yes!’.

    As for all that math – a fig for it. I’ve got no time for impossible riddles. But Kabbalism exists and people devote their lives to it. Whether it drives world affairs is dubious sure – but having found myself wrong on so many other bedrock certainties I now refuse to be so quick to dismiss.

    Honestly, if we’ve been bullshitted about an event as world changing as Pearl Harbour, then the veracity of pretty much everything is up for grabs. Shibboleths, anyone?

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